WTF: Naked Republican party in Israel?

Story here

The approval rating of congress can’t go much lower than the ten percent rating they have now.

This surely can’t be what Romney wanted going into the convention next week, although I guess it does get the issue of his taxes off the news for a few days.

I don’t really see what they did wrong. Why is it a big deal that they skinnydipped?

Can’t say I’m all that surprised . . . there are so many political parties in Israel . . .

Probably just renewing their baptisms.

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?!?

Indeed. There oughtta be a lot more bipartisan skinnydipping if you ask me, might get people to chill.

It depends on how young the young lady is. Over 18, it’s okay, but if she’s 17 she would be scarred for life.

Looking at Yoder, it could be that the entire party was scarred for life.

I’m very disappoint that this thread didn’t incident didn’t involve Paul Ryan and come with pitchers.

I think I read that as far dirtier than it was intended.
…on second thought, I probably didn’t. Carry on.


I’m sorry; whaT? I got distracted.

I don’t get it either. The article even notes that Eric Cantor gave all the skinnydippers a bollocking after the trip. It’s just a lake.

I guess having Congresscritters breaking local laws while on state visits isn’t great, but I have a hard time seeing this as a bigger deal than, say, speeding.

They were betting about who could walk on water. They all lost.

Israel. In the summer. Naked? I hope they got lovely sun burns.

“during a night out in Israel”

Maybe they were skinnydipping in Gibeon?

Judging by their respect for the Bible, I’m betting they all peed in it.
Cantor didn’t go swimming because everyone knows the spawn of Satan would melt in the Sea of Galilee.


The Grand Old Party: They know what the voters want. Well, at least since Ashcroft left the picture, that old fuddy-duddy.

Good for them. Uptight Republicans need to loosen up more.

Been there, done that. Although AFAIK there weren’t any Republicans present.