WTF? Neighbor has a skeleton hanging from a tree? In August?

Really bizarre, last weekend a “decoration” appeared in our condo development. One of our neighbors (whom I don’t know), hung a skeleton from a tree in their front yard. To be fair, I don’t even know that that particular neighbor hung it, that unit might be unoccupied, I’ve never seen anyone come in or out of that place.

This doesn’t really look like a Halloween decoration - it’s more a “realistic” looking skeleton, though probably 2/3 adult size. Proportions are adult though. And this particular unit has no other decorations, Halloween or otherwise. It’s just that one skelly, hanging from a tree.

WTF? Is this some kind of weird threat? I’ve been waiting a couple of days now to see if it comes down. If it’s not down by Friday I’ll probably make a call to the condo association. But why on earth would somebody hang this from a tree, not near Halloween?

Chinese day of the Dead is August 31st, though I don’t really associate Halloween type decorations with it.

Are your neighbours from East Asia?

if it was put up in October then it’s a decoration.

if it’s put up now it is a warnings for trickers.

They’re probably just airing it out. I’m sure that in a day or two it’ll go back in the closet.

Some stores here are selling Halloween candy already! So yeah, up with the Halloween decorations in August. They’ll have a nice, natural patina in two months.

“Halloween? Oh. Right. Riiiiight. Halloween. Yeah, it’s for Halloween, that’s what it’s for.”

Thanks for the hearty guffaw :smiley:

Hanging how?

We actually have bone shelf in our house. I encourage my nieces to get any and all bones they find while walking around. I have not started putting latex gloves and baggies in their backpacks yet, I have them in mine, but the 13 year old maybe should. The younger ones wouldn’t be able to handle it enough to be safe, as in they would freak out and probably pick it up a bit then freak out and throw it.

It would probably hit another kid in the face and no one want’s to answer those questions.

Better check if any midgets have gone missing in your neighborhood… you never know.

It’s so gauche to take your skeletons out of the closet before Labor Day.

I was hoping the skeleton would be more articulate.

Maybe because hanging a skeleton in a tree at Halloween is just another Halloween decoration (yawn here if you’re feeling hipsterish), but hanging one on a random summer day might have some real shock value.

Are you sure it was a skeleton when he hung it? The crows are might active in your area . . .

The skeleton’s hanging around in the tree? Probably couldn’t go to the party …

had no body to go with.

You live next to my ex-roomate who kept out the Halloween decorations all