It appears to me that the thread I started earlier today has been deleted. Not just moved, or closed, but deleted. However, I have not been “notified” of this.

I have my “profile” set up to allow mods/admins etc. to contact me, but no one did. Just plain old deleted my thread. No explanations, nothing.

Thanks a helluva lot god dammit!

I would absolutely looove it if whoever decided it wasn’t appropriate (even for the Pit) would tell me why it was deleted.

At least if it had just been closed there would be the infamous final posting of explanation.


Quoting from the Straight Dope Message Board Registration Agreement:

We had some correspondence asking us to remove the offending thread from the board. Upon investigation, we agreed.

Not every thread is appropriate.

Just did it, so you didn’t receive an email yet. Sometimes we email folks, sometimes not, depends on how busy we are. Sorry if you feel injured but you might take a second and reflect upon how what we put on this board affects others. Unless, of course, it was your intention to be offensive.

your humble TubaDiva
The Straight Dope

Oh man, you take away all our fun!

When I first got here almost 2 years ago (damn!), I made a very sarcastic pit thread which lasted 2 days before it was deleted. I was never notified, not even to be yelled at.

Since I was a newbie, I didn’t realize that I forgot to fulfill my Doper duty and bitch about it. So, without further ado, here’s my bitch:

Godamned Nazi moderators! I bet it was you Lynn! Or that asswipe Alphagene (It wasn’t John, he was a nobody just like me back then). Keep using those Zotti given powers of yours for evil, you moderhaters and you will burn!
Sorry for the hijack Devil May Care, but I was feeling a bit incomplete. Now the world is whole again.

Oh, now that ol’ andros curiosity is piqued.

What did DMC post?

I’m curious too. Since Devil May Care’s[sup]*[/sup] idea of wit is a Bossk post, it must have been something.

[sub]* Seems we have a poster named DMC, and he objects to folks calling Devil May Care by his name. Just so ya know.[/sub]

This is the most amusingly impotent, whiny-ass thread I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for the laughs, gang!!


… oh, yes, that was to you as well, Biggirl!!!

Har har har!!!

For those who would like to see the link that was apparently offensive to someone, e-mail me and I’ll send you the link.

Obviously I’m not going to put it in a thread again…

Here’s a tissue Devil May Care. :rolleyes:

I’m curious too, in the wanna see the carnage of a train wreck sort of way.

Wow… with all the crap that they let me post, I wonder what they don’t allow…

Wait… it was a thread about Britney Spears, wasn’t it?

Although I think this was a typo (since it was addressed to moderators, but it could have been intentional), you just coined a great new term.

My email is a bit testy just now, but can I see what is so awful that they erased all traces to avoid offending someone… (via the email, of course…eventually it will let me back in…)

Folks, let me put this very simply:


I, for one, would love to see this thread closed. There isn’t anything here worth discussing, IMHO. For the curious, the link was tantamount to troll mastrubation - 'nuff said.


Ummm, band name?

It wasn’t a typo. They are all Nazi moderhaters. . . and they’re eeeevil

I was going to start a pit thread flaming Mother Theresa, but maybe this is not the right time.

Thanks for helping me out. :smiley:

The possible confusion wouldn’t be so bad except that I find myself on the opposite side of most discussions with my longer named counterpart. For the record, I find little (none, actually) wit in Bossk’s posts.

DMC (who’s badly in need of a name change)

Sorry, DMC, my bad. :wink:



All these comments about me I’m not sure if I should be flattered or feel destroyed.