Wurm Unlimited - private servers for Wurm

I’ve long kept an eye on Wurm Online, but have always been kept away by tales of griefing and a ‘toxic community’. Well, now on Steam you can buy Wurm Unlimited - pretty much the same game, but with the ability to run your own server and set your own rules (it looks like you can increase the speed of skill gains and suchlike).

£20 though, still on the fence. Anyone got any experience with either game?

I got into WO a few years ago. Didn’t get too far, but liked the game. I’d be interested in playing, though I’m afraid I’d be pretty casual, with not too much free time to commit.

I tried playing Wurm Online a couple of years ago, because I liked the concept (isn’t it like Life is Feudal?). But there was something about the control scheme, perhaps the mouse buttons, that was the opposite of every other game/MMO, and I just couldn’t adapt, and there wasn’t a way to change the mouse button mapping.

I’m not against giving it another go, but hopefully the controls are more customizable now.

I have bought it, and have been playing by myself.
I’m not sure it’s much of a single player game. I’ve been calming tootling about for about 20 hours now, I’ve built a house, got myself a small boat, have a mine with silver and iron in. I don’t meet other creatures unless I go looking for them, but there doesn’t seem to be any particular need to so far.

That said, there’s now a lot of small communities on Steam that I might join. Although then I’d lose my house.