X Box Madden '08 Question

I’m at the start of my second season on Madden '08 and I’m trying to develop the best running offense the world has ever seen, and I have a problem.

I play on Pro skill level, my running back (Reggie Bush) gets at least 150 yards and 3 touchdowns a game, and the average end score is 60 to 7 (my favor).

I like to throw to both of my young Tight Ends (Klopfenstien and Vernon Davis) in the flats, but other than that all I really ask is that the can run block…or at least not get any worse. And that is the problem. Despite a massive run offense and all kinds of passing love to the TE’s every round of player progression nets my TE’s -2 on PBK and -4 on RBK. By the time I won the Super Bowl Vernon Davis had an overall rating of 92, but couldn’t run block a cornerback to save his life, making him useless to me. I figured the problem was his low awareness due to his inexperience so for the preseason this year I dropped my two guys and recruited 5 new ones…including a few seasoned veterans. Same shit, by the end of the preseason every one of my TE’s (including the three that never saw the field) were all down two points on PBK and 4 on RBK.

What the hell?

Good question.

[Wild ass guess]It may be that in order to really gain progression you’ll have to up the difficulty. [/WAG]

Everyone else on my team has gone up 8 or 9 points on their overall rating.

Your issue is that Madden differenciates between blocking TEs and recieving TE. You have two recieving TEs. Niether Davis or Klompfenstein can block for anything. replace one or both with a blocking TE like Klienssauer or Dominique Byrd and you will get better results. Look for TEs who start with a RBK of 65+ and a PBK of 55+. If your focus is on a top notch running game I would suggest going with Byrd. he can block well and still has the hands to make short and medium catches over the middle or in the flats and the size to make catches in the redzone.

your TEs are dropping in skill because they are blocking badly all year. it does not matter if they do a skill all year if they are not doing it well.
Vernon Davis is a 92 because he has recieving skills equal to a wideout, but this is not what you need for the style of play that you are describing.

This is probably the issue in-game, but in real life Davis is a really, really good blocker.

Madden ratings upset me as a whole. You can lead the league in receiving yards and touchdowns and not go up much at all. I also think ratings are too inflated.

To answer your question, take control of your tight end and pancake some people. Do that a few times a game and are what the difference is.

Very true. This is just refering to the Madden stats. His stats have him as an average to below average blocker.

You aren’t the only one.

That’s precious, but my gripe is mostly how high they all are. By definition, average should be about 50. I’d venture to say that the average is way higher. You also can’t tell me that Devin Hester, when you have historical players and take everyone that’s ever played football into account, should have the fastest speed rating (100), Reggie Bush should have the fastest acceleration rating (100) and why Larry Allen WOULDN’T have a 100 strength, Deion Sanders wouldn’t have a hundred speed, etc.

Basketball games do a much better job at showing a player’s strengths and weaknesses in the ratings.