X-men - Marvel Comics

If you could be a member of the X-men - Who would you be?

I am torn,

I like Storm - the whole mastery/command of the weather elements is cool.

But, I think I like Jean Grey better, Telepathy/Telekinetics are very useful, in every day life. She’s a Doctor, and looks normal, I don’t think anyone outside the X-men knows she a mutant.

So who do you think?

Comic book universe - Wolverine or Nightcrawler. Wolverine is one of the best pound for pound scrappers there is and he’s virtually indestructable. Nightcrawler looks really cool and he can teleport.

Real Life - Professor X. His and Jean Grey’s powers would probably come in handy most often in real life. I mean seriously, how often do you need to blast something with your eyes or rip someone up with your claws? (Don’t answer that.)

I have always had an afinity for storms. When others are covering their ears and ducking, I revel in the thunder and gale winds, and I fly in my dreams all the time.

Wolverine. Sure, you may not need the claws much in real life, but the unbreakable skeleton and healing factor make for a great life as a stunt man. :slight_smile:

Also, the healing factor with the increased life span really appeals to me. There’s a lot I’d like to do in life, so having a bit of extra time (like, apparently 4 times as much time) would be very nice.

You also get a nice long life with Wolverine. Wasn’t he born in the 1890’s?

Shadowcat. Being able to phase would be incredibly convienient.

Wolverine’s the easy answer, but I could do without the whole “painful surgery” bit. And, the claws were a neat idea until I heard the “Does it hurt when they come out like that?” “Every time.” bit in the movie. Plus I’d feel too self-conscious with the hairdo.

I’d go with Beast. Seems to me that he’s got it made: super-smart, but can still go apeshit and tear things apart with his bare hands.

Mimic, easy. I could get everybody else’s abilities if I stayed close enough to them. If I wanted to ace a test, I’d hang out near the smart guy… if I wanted to work out, I’d hang around one of you Wolverine’s since I wouldn’t have to worry about the toxins in my muscles building up or tearing a muscle, and so on.


Iceman. After seeing what emma frost could do with his powers…

Archangel. Filthy rich, he can fly, chicks dig him. Forget who’d win in a fight, that’s the life for me!

Nightcawler or Beast. I like blue fur, must have watched too much Sesame Street when I was little.

>>Shadowcat. Being able to phase would be incredibly convienient.

Hey, I read those science books in third grade! The ones that told me that atoms are mostly empty space. So I still feel cheated when I can’t phase (and I do still try it, but not when you’re looking… ).

Yeah, but having to deal with those giant wings sticking out of your back 24 hours a day must get to be a real pain after a while.
For me, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Havok. He has the whole “I have a terrible power I can barely control” angst thing going for him. Plus, he can blast things. :wink:

In fact, back when I played Champions (the super-hero role playing game), I made a version of myself as Havok. I played that Havok-based “me character” in more games than any other of my characters except for Tracer himself. I still nickname my webserver Havok.

I’ve always liked Forge’s powers. He can build anything! He could probably duplicate any of the other X-men’s powers. I’d build myself some IronMan type armor with Darth Vader’s voice oh and a light saber! And a holodeck! Gotta have a holodeck!

Mystique. How cool would it be to be able to look and like anyone you want?

Well I would love to be Magneto.

Nor bad to be the second most powerful mutant in the world. As smart as tony Stark or Reed Richards, can get billions of dollars anytime he wants.

Yeah, definitely, Magneto.

Magneto is not as smart as Reed Richards.

Angel. Not only are the wings cool, but think of the BtVS crossover possibilities!

Cisco has a really good point. My answer would be totally different depending on how the question is put.

To become one of the X-Men in the Marvel universe, I would probably go with Kurt as well. His powers are awesome and would be fun to have, everybody likes him, and he’s way ahead of the game in the sexual activity department; he’s been with so many more hot women than any X-character I can think of (he had the Captain Kirk factor going strong back in the day in the Cross Time Caper or whatever it was called).

In real life, though, I wouldn’t want to look like that. If there weren’t other X-Men to hang around with your life would pretty much totally suck. I think I’d have to go with Jean’s powers. She can do most of the stuff Xavier can and she’s also got the telekinesis.

I’d be Gambit. He’s smooth, stealthy, and can charge things and blow them up.