x-ray vision, bring your nasty-ass here

[sub]I just needed to say this, and I couldn’t say it in the other thread.**

Well, he/she did say “please” …


And you are unskilled at all forms of oral sex, despite your practicing on the unwashed genetilia of assorted nasty things.

Fuck. Please replace “And” with “X-ray vision,”. And add a felching comment, while you’re revising.

And change my coding, while you’re at it. :slight_smile:

I hear x-ray has plenty of shiftless, stupid black friends. Like attracting like and all. And he likes to screw his momma while his daddy watches because I heard that happened once in New Jersey and we all know that once one person from a particular place does something, then it stands to reason that they all do it.

Where ever he goes-- there goes the neighborhood. I mean once an ignorant ass like him moves in-- well you’ve all heard of “intelligent flight”, haven’t you?

Most people with x-ray vision are poor. And don’t try to fool me with cites that there are no people with x-ray vision because we all know the governments definition of what x-ray vision is a crock of shit.

x-ray, you are a dumbfuck peice of racist shit. Too bad you’ll never read this. Although I have a few doubts as to whether you’d understand it if you did.


Sad to say though, you will not find “Alpha Particle Vision” down here. He/She is one of those who can dish it out but cannot take it. Also he/she will not admit to anyone including his/herself that they are a racist bastard. Scary part is, it’s people like them who would have turned me down for my job where I was recently promoted on basis of excellent work.

I dunno. When I picture X-Ray vision, I picture that guy in this commerical that’s been airing lately. He finshies interviewing a black (or middle eastern I coundn’t tell) man who had a great resume. Then the interviewer picks up the resume and tosses it into the trash saying"Two points!" He tells his co-worker, “I think we have enough color around here…”

Like I said, planet of the third reach.

So no Monstro, don’t fuck em. Your genetalia would be place is graaaave danger.

BTW. How is it in Atlanta. I’m thinking of visiting there or prehaps even going to college there after seeing Drumline :smiley:

I think x-ray talks English goodly.

What I really wanted to say to x-ray and his new friend Inlikeflyn:
You two should stick your dicks into each other’s assholes so that the idiotic diarrhea that dribbles from those orafices can be blocked and there will some small relief for the rest of the world. For a short time at least.

Yeah, but then their mouths would still be free. Unless their mouths are interchangable with their arseholes…which seems to be the case…

Seeing as how they are both talking out of their asses. . …

I know I’m going to regret this, but what the hell does this mean?

The quote from Howard Cosellabout a black receiver during a football game was “Look at that little monkey run.”
You were right about regretting it.

x-ray: How do you know the resumes were the same?

everyone else: It says so, here. See?

x ray: Um, prove it to me.

everyone else: Right here, it says so. Look at the word EQUAL. See?

x ray: It is not so.

everyone else: Yes

x ray (with hands over eyes): No. No. No. I can’t believe it.

everyone else: What are you, retarded?

I wanted to jump through the screen and smack him upside the head with frying pan, I tell ya.

…and that was waaaaay before he said “nigga please”.

Nigga please, indeed, honey-baked-ham head muhfucker!


erm…didn’t what?

It’s okay, monstro girl. I have a feeling that it won’t be too long until his name is garnished with those seven little letters we’ve all come to love and respect.


He’s been walking a mighty thin line. His dumb-ass will inevitably stumble. In fact, I almost feel like provoking him so that he will say something that’s ban-worthy.

I get the feeling that “Inlikeflyn” may be a sock puppet.

For a moment, I thought you said he HAD been banned. I was about to do a happy dance.

Just to amplify Biggirl’s post: Howard Cosell’s career ended during a Monday Night Football game featuring the Washington Redskins. During a particularly impressive play by Redskins reciever (and future Hall of Famer) Art Monk, Cosell exclaimed “look at that monkey run!” IIRC, Cosell claimed he only meant to say “Monk” but the die was cast.

I always thought it was a little sad that an indisputably distinguished broadcasting career could be brought crashing down by what was arguably an excited slip of the tongue during a big play. It isn’t like Cosell was Jimmy the Greek (whose comments about blacks being bred for athleticism ended his career); Jimmy was in the studio and had time to think about his comments, while Cosell was doing play-by-play on the fly.