XBOX one or PS4 with battlefront

so I am a complete newb when it comes to consoles. I am a PC gamer and will probably die one, however we have decided to get a console for our son ( 11yo) and family.
We also want to get the Star wars battle front game.

We don’t need blue ray player and streaming netflix etc, the TV has a DVD player plugged in that does all that ( Sony FWIW) , although not opposed to any of that.
Other than price, any advantages to the Xbox over PS4?
I am ok with him playing online games
Any difference in accessories ect any of them have some cool features etc?
thanks for opinions


Have you asked your son?

There are comparable accessories for either.

FWIW there are a lot more PS4-exclusive games than there are XBONE. Here’s a handy list you may want to look over.

He doesn’t know much about consoles either, his friends seam split between the xbox and PS4

The Xbone is a decent home theater machine. I know you said you’re not really looking for such, but it’s an aspect of the console that might be enjoyable for the rest of your family.

A list of pure exclusives isn’t very helpful, you really want to look at critically acclaimed exclusives titles for both, show them to your son, and see which list entices him more.

There are differences in the graphics performance of the machines, but my guess is he won’t care, and you already rock a superior gaming PC, so you won’t care :wink:

It’s hard to find a definite list though, just about every publication that does a “Best games in X platform” doesn’t limit the list to exclusive titles, and those lists are therefore 90% multi-platform games, and 10% exclusives, if that (outside of Nintendo and PC platforms at least).

Which I guess goes to show the state of console exclusives now a days. Maybe just show him Halo and gears of War, and Uncharted and Bloodborne, and let him decide with those titles in mind.

Why not just get the Battlefront bundle on ps4 if that’s why you’re getting a console in the first place?

yep, but as far as I can tell battlefront is also available on Xbox , so just wondering if there are any significant advantages to the Xbox over the PS4. Obviously we will get other games etc down the line.

660Ti GPU and a 3770k CPU with 16 gigs RAM and liquid cooling
Superior , but definitely needing an upgrade mid next year.

I have it in a Nanoxia deep silent case which is one of the best things I have bought, loads of room, easy to work in and really quiet with good dust control

Only differences, no real advantages in terms of games - with the exception of better graphics on PS4. Performance is pretty uneven on both consoles, and the afore mentioned better media center features of the Xbone.

So sit down and list which friends have which console, then pick the one with the “better” list.

I generally think the PS4 is a better system, but in this particular case it comes down to friend availability.

When I chose between Xbone and PS4, I read reviews of both and noted that all the positives for the Xbox were to do with multi-media capabilities, and all the positives for the PS4 were to do with gaming. I wanted it for gaming and couldn’t give a rat’s arse about multi-media, so I got the PS4.