­xkcd thread

Everything’s about politics these days. We’re going to have a major election hangover soon.

I made a comment in another thread yesterday that assuming things go normally from here (big IF), about half the board traffic will evaporate once the celebrations die down.

Massive struggle here to resist making a bear pun. I’m just barely holding on. Oops…

Temptation can be a bear sometimes.

It looks like poor Gretchen had extensive arthroscopic “surgery” there at the end. Or at least arthroscopic dissection.

You’re assuming the Brown One saw her, but it might not have.

But we do know that it heard her, so she had arthrosonic surgery.

It’s been the bruin of many a poor boy.

@dtilque: But why the big pause between my post and your response?

Best move slowly if you want to avoid a grizzly death.

Don’t you mean “why the big paws…”?

I didn’t see you followed up my post until this morning. Didn’t get any email on it.

Maybe we should heed the advice of that sign over there: “Bear Left”

It’s tough to decide how best to deliver a homophone joke in writing. I figured I’d do the setup so you could enjoy doing the punchline. How’s your Dad?

How is a group of medical staffers like a group of Brown Ones? Both contain n ursus.

Maybe it’s time to hibernate this part of the conversation.

Right, Frog!


I refer to mine as my “gadget”. I use it all the time, but it’s actually a terrible phone. The voice quality is so bad that no one can understand me. But it’s great for email, text, and interacting with this board. It’s also an excellent GPS device, a good alarm,

Eh, disappointing… He just recycled an old strip and added a little bit at the end. I was hoping for something more after he remembered to breathe again.

I would have stayed flunked because it took me a whole minute to figure out the throw-down challenge by the teacher. By that time, the department server is already toast.
I don’t think I would have done much better on the Game Theory class – the point is to figure the average of what the other students would figure as 80% of average and hit 80% of that.