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Thanks! I hadn’t noticed that.

Thanks for the help on how to unsubscribe. It’s kind of tedious to do a lot of them, but vBulletin was also a bit tedious.

I just dismissed all 500+ of my unread page, then went to the Latest page, and starting from the top, Ctrl-clicked everything in gray = previously visited unless I’d knew I’d lost interest in the thread. I kept going until I had about 50 tabs. Which took about 3 minutes. Then just let them sit a few minutes to re-trigger tracking on them. Then closed the browser to get rid of all the tabs.

Viola! I have a nice fresh manageable unread page that’s not full of threads from 2 weeks ago that I’ve since lost interest in but those other people (you know the ones :wink: ), just keep reviving and reviving and …

Easy & worthwhile.

What the heck computer do you have, that can handle 50 tabs of Discourse open at once? Anything more than 4 clobbers my computer into submission.

Don’t know what LSLGuy has but I have a Mac Mini and while I rarely have 50 tabs open at once it does happen; and I’ve almost always got more than 4. I’ve got about four sites (this is one) that I’ll just leave a main window open in and then from time to time open multiple tabs from that one window.

I’ve got a crawlingly slow internet connection; but number of tabs open doesn’t seem to be a problem. The net’s slow even if there’s only a window or two open, it’s the far end of an overly long DSL line.

My current ride is a Surface Pro7 with a 4-core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and an SSD. It’s pretty damn amazing for a sorta-tablet. Using Win10 (of course) and Chrome for the browser.

My immediately prior ride was a 2010 model year Toshiba laptop w some Intel 2-core processor, the max 4GB of RAM and a 5400 RPM HD. Elderly to say the least. That would get pretty flummoxed with about 20-30 tabs, mostly due to what I diagnosed as VM thrashing.

In each case I don’t have any other workloads running; MS Outlook & OneNote are open but minimized, maybe Adobe PDF reader is idling, and that’s about it.

Oh, browser tabs holding webpages, I can easily have a bunch of those open at once. And back when the SDMB delivered webpages, I could have as many threads open as I wanted (I’m sure there was some limit, but it was higher than the number I ever wanted at once). But Discourse pages are a lot more resource intensive than webpages.

I just tried an experiment.

I went to my Activity page and simply Ctrl-clicked on each link from top to bottom as fast as I could, scrolling as I went along so more links were added at the bottom. I probably averaged about 3/4th of a second per click. I stopped when I got to 100 tabs. They each loaded quickly; I never had more than 2 or 3 spinning no matter how fast I tried to click to create more faster than they loaded. The last loaded about as fast as the first; about 3/4ths of a second. Should’ve used a stopwatch of the whole effort but I didn’t think of that until after.

Then I clicked around amongst all the tabs at random. They were filled with content and scrolled to the right place. No perceptible lag swapping from tab to tab.

I have seen in the past that Discourse has a request throttle where too many requests too quickly spits back an error message about that and says to slow down. So a few had that message, but an F5 on each of them promptly reloaded them with the proper content.

I was surprised that at 100 open tabs all to different Discourse threads there was zero visible slow-down. But that’s what I found.

I then closed the whole browser using the X at the upper right of the title bar. It took about1.5 seconds for the window to disappear and the desktop to render where it had been.

Modern tech is amazing.

Now that’s a cunning topic.

Sorry; couldn’t resist. :wink:

There was also one a few years ago about a linguist with a foot fetish. (One of the few times, along with Knights, when I got the joke instantly and got to enjoy all the scientists being mystified. I knew that PhD in English literature had to be good for something…)

My English lit is very weak. Knights I got as a matter of history.

The foot fetish may as well have been written in Chinese for all I got of it. Care to enlighten an unwashed philistine?

Metrical feet.

D’oh. :smack: I was trying hard to make the nonsense phrases be some allegorical reference to obscure stories or plays every English Lit major knows. Knowing Munroe’s mind I should have known that wasn’t the right avenue of attack.

I didn’t get it either. I was trying to figure out oronyms.

What I want to know is (A), what gas stations he’s been frequenting, and (B), how exactly they define a “refill.”

It’s the one with the indoor fireworks.

But you only get a free refill for your horse.

Remember when horses didn’t need to wear masks?

Yeah. Those poor horses forced to wear masks…

Oh, the equinity!