Xploder's Crappy Easter

To start things off, let me say that I love all of my immediate in-laws…

Last year, to avoid high blood pressure in myself, I declined to go anywhere on Easter Sunday. Including my Mother’s house that’s only about a block away.

This year, due to various illnesses in my family, we haven’t been able to get to Mom-In-Law’s house since her birthday in February. So, I agree. We’ll go for awhile to visit and whatnot…

Unfortunately, my in-law’s, at least THIS side of the family, are not only stuck-up beyond belief, but they’re also VERY prejudiced. Against EVERYONE. No joke.

Blacks aren’t human ad nauseum type people…

Now then, my best friend is white and happens to be married to a black woman and they just had a baby. I wish that I had a picture to show them JUST to be a dick. Like it isn’t bad enough that I’m not good enough for my wife, my FRIENDS wouldn’t be either! It isn’t bad enough that my KIDS aren’t good enough to associate with because I didn’t make the girls dress up in frilly dresses (they’re teens and can dress themselves) or make my son wear a tie,that they had to ignore them.

Again, it isn’t the IMMEDIATE in-laws, only the one branch of the family. Like the aunt that gave us a single candle holder when we got married because she was pissed that we didn’t register a china pattern :rolleyes: or the cousins that continually call me “Bob” when they KNOW that my name is “Bill”.

I already told Mrs X that we are NOT going back next year. Bunch of fucking yahoo, racist, assholes…

Done, for what it’s worth.

I think that next Easter, you should tell your in-laws that you just finished some heavy genealogical research, and guess what? Their grandchildren have a great-great-great-grandma who was a slave. Tell Auntie Candleholder to put that in her pipe and smoke it.

[sub]what, you didn’t make your son wear a tie for Easter? Whatareya, some kinda Commie pinko liberal hippie or somethin?



Next Easter, tell them you are Jewish. You hippie.

Yeah, we got some relatives like that. Ultra right-wing, racist (especailly against Mexicans), homophobic, your basic liberal’s nightmare. The father of this particular malignancy on my family tree used to be in the Navy, and is so gung-ho it makes you sick. He actually video-taped the Gulf War so he could watch it over and over. I don’t mean a TV special about the Gulf War: I mean he taped four to six hours of CNN every day. So, anyway, this year we had Easter at my uncles. Whose wife is Mexican. As are their three girls. As is her extended family (almost all of them in attendance, including her sister, who married a black guy, and her two kids.)

Tragically, they had a “previous engagement” this year, and were unable to attend. Best Easter in years.

Sorry to hear about the crappy weekend, Bob.[sup]*[/sup] You’re welcome to spend next Easter like I did, with my 1/2 mexican girlfriend, her best friend from high school, that friend’s African-American husband and their two gorgeous children.

Actually, we should all come spend the holiday with you and your delightful family. And to completely throw them off, we’ll mention that my girlfriend is a [gasp!] Republican.

[sup]*[/sup][sub]just kidding[/sub]

Sorry to hear about your unhappy weekend. If it makes you feel any better, I’m typing this with one hand because my right arm is in a cast. I broke it defending myself from a robbery attempt on 17th St. in Dupont Circle Easter night.
So, yours was not the only crappy Easter.

That’s a shame. Holidays are difficult for a lot of people because they don’t get along with their families. I’d suggest, if you can swing it, taking a three-day vacation somewhere nice next Easter. Most hotels have cheaper rates on major holidays, and many offer special “mini-holiday” packages with yummy Easter Brunch often included. Then you can just hang out with each other, no pressures, for a leisurely couple of days.

Thanks for the kind words. I think that we’re just gonna do what we usually do. Every other year, we skip Easter visits to the relatives. It pisses everybody off but I really don’t care :smiley:

Bummer about the holiday, Bob.

And tell your lovely wife Brenda I said hello, okay?