Y'all Are NOT Gonna BELIEVE This.......

… but I just posted a long response to Oakie’s response to ME, and I’m getting this INTERNET IS NOT RESPONDING message and do I wanna close the program?


That whole thing took me 20 minutes to write, and now it’s all greyed out with that fucking circling ball sitting in the middle.

WITF can I do about IE shutting me down all the damn time???



Switch to Firefox.

Copy> close program> reopen program> paste?

He can’t copy. It’s greyed out.

He’s probably closed it, cursed, almost threw something at his computer and thought better about it, cried, had breakfast, and retyped it by now. :slight_smile:

Everything but the “cried” and “retyped” part, Onomatopoeia. :wink:

I’ve learned that when Oakie gives you good advice, it’s best to STF about it and take it!



Aw shucks, now yer making me blush. :smiley:

My laptop sometimes has a mind of its own. It apparently decides that I don’t really need the tab I’m working in, so it will just close it. Other times, it will mysteriously hiccup and vanish half the text from a post I’ve been typing. In theory, I suppose that could be caused by my fumble fingers hitting the wrong button, but I prefer to assume it’s caused by demonic possession. :cool:

You can always try the old standby of writing all your stuff in Notepad, and then pasting it into the box. That way if IE goes down, you still have your stuff.

If you used Firefox, you could use Lazarus form recovery, which automatically saves anything you type in a form.

If I know I’m going to create a lengthy post I’ll type it in Word and paste the copy into the message board when I’m done. Word’s auto recover has saved my butt many times.

Last time this happened to me I hit ctrl-prtscrn to get a pictorial copy of what I had typed.

I pasted it into mspaint so at least I could just copy type it in again from the screen grab.

But writing it into notepad first is a great idea.

Is this a common problem with IE? I have never once had that happen.

I don’t know how common it is, but I’ve had the message board/browser freeze on me a couple of times mid-message, and let me tell ya, one time I almost threw my keyboard through the freaking wall, so I’d say it happens often enough to have caused me to type my (lengthy) messages offline first, and then paste in.