Y'all Wanna "See In" 2010 With Me?

Just sittin’ here anyway, not doin’ shit. :slight_smile:

Got taken to dinner for my birthday today, and had to endure one of those “clapping birthday songs” from the servers.

I do wanna thank everyone who helped us out of a very “tight spot” in Sept/Oct, though.

That was the most awesome damn thing that ever happened to me! :slight_smile:

So it’s right now 11:18 on the East Coast, and if you’re out celebratin’, have a good time and be SAFE!

And f you’re on The Dope at midnight, I wish all of you a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!


Let’s do this thing!

Happy New Year all! I’m in Central Time, so I still have about an hour and a half before the big new-year thing… but Happy New Year all the same!

I’m game. I didn’t post in the other threads, but I’m very glad to have you back, Quasi.

For a number of reasons I decided to stay home and alone for this one. But I got me some Miller High Life, which I remind you is the champagne of beers, and am watching TV. What are you doing?

Hi all! There’s a Three Stooges marathon on TV right now, and I’m enjoying a jar of chili mango Jelly Bellies.

A joke down south years ago was the reason it tasted to so good was because of Papa Joe’s “Griesedieck”.:smiley:

And glad to be back, Monkey With A Gun!:slight_smile:


I once had ALL The Stooges’ episodes on VHS, but have them all away to a nurse-friend who had some young kids who just LOVED 'em!

Just like The Beatles, man! The Stooges will be with us forever!

BTW, I have a friend, Zach, who can do a “Curly 360”. Y’all know THAT maneuver, right? :slight_smile:


I’m here, Quasi. Glad to help!

Contral time, though. I have a ways to wait.

I’m here. The lady we’re sharing a house with is hosting a small party for her kids and their friends, who are being loud and rowdy around me. (Ages 11-17). Barb and I and the kids’ Uncle Andy are watching Channel 5’s simulcast of the Times Square ball drop and the downtown Raleigh acorn drop.

So I’ll make my last post of 2009 here, and wish New York State a happy anniversary – it’s 102 years to the hour since New York required marriage licenses. How do I know? My mother’s parents were married 102 years ago tonight, the last couple in our county and among the last if not the very last in the state to be legally married without a license. Happy Anniversary, Grandpa and Grandma!

2 minutes…


happy new year!

Couldn’t ask for a better buncha people to be with tonight, and I LOVED seeing Dick Clark, bless him!:slight_smile:


Happy New year to all

Happy new year to Quasimodem and to all dopers!

Happy 2010 everyone! :slight_smile:

Whoo hoo!

Wishing you all the happiest New Year ever.

Happy New Year from far northern VT, dopers!
Watched on the web for the first time this year. Not bad - needs some work. I’m hoping for an improved 2010, all around.

Have a great new year people!

Happy New Year from the Central Time Zone!!

Watched the new year come in New York and in Dallas! Double celebration!! (with sparkling cider)