Two hundred and Thirty-seventh Post Party!

Hey, why should the old-timers have all the fun? And who really needs an excuse to party? Besides, I wasn’t paying attention for 100 and 200… Shouldn’t 237 be even better? :smiley:

So, come on in, make yourself at home. Sorry, I don’t keep any alcohol on hand but feel free to BYOB (though if you get to drunk, I’ll have to ask you to leave, and be sure to have a designated driver). There’s veggies and dip on the table, and here, have some homemade chocolate-chip cookies. What do you think of the sloppy joes? They’re my own recipe. Bathroom is first door on your left, don’t open the door on the right, that’s where I put all my clutter that I was too lazy to clean. Come on in, everyone, and have fun!


<<sneaks over and spikes the punch>>

Just wanted to say your sig rocks, btw. I use that quote often.



Way to go! Round numbers are SO last-millenium.**
(I’m planning a party for my Big-One-One. Only a couple to go. Like New Year’s 2000, I just hope I stay awake to see it.)

(Damn! Now I gotta wait for 111.)


1967 ? Now THAT’s last millinum!

I liked your Kiwi shoe polish discovery.
Ever consider working here at the FBI?
How are you with Bruno Magli shoes?