y'all wypipo need to grow some skin

From the recently-closed Netflix exec thread:

Racist twaddle and trolling horseshit.

Dibble’s warning was entirely warranted. And his ire is entirely understandable. Patronizing dickheads come in and start that “ur a racists too!!!1!!” nonsense, I’d end up with a warning too.
Put it on display here, all y’all who are soooo offended by “wypipo.” Please explain in great White detail how Black people are hypocrites and racists and would-be oppressors. Go on, have fun, you fucking crybabies.

Maybe I’m trivializing, but I am a wypipo, and I think the term is cute. Not offense taken at all.

It’s cute and damned descriptive of a certain stripe of white people who absolutely exist and who predictably will foam at the mouth that any lesser being dares give them a label they did not themselves invent and market test.

I’m with St Zappa on this one: "I’m not black but there’s a whole lotsa times I wish I could say I’m not white…”

Any POC who calles me a wypipo will get back a “Sorry, how can I do better?” from me.

No real complaints other than little derogatory terms and pet names created by liberals are just so pathetic that I get second hand embarrassment. Cute though.

I’m going to start hip hopping and using wypepo, I’m taking it back yo! That’s our word!

I was at a 4th of July event where people gathered to watch cars driven at high speed off a cliff, crashing into the valley floor. It was fun, but the whole time I couldn’t help but think to myself, “wypipo . . .smh”.
I learned the term here on the Dope and use it all the time now.

New term for me. I’m okay with it. How is the word usually used? What “stripe” of white people is it ridiculing?

(emphasis mine)

Look at these hoes go again with their ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ bullshit. Newsflash: ya’ll all white.

Top 10 richest Americans? 100 white.
US congress? 90% white
US governors? 98% white
Top military advisers: 100% white
President and vice president: 100% white
US House Freedom Caucus: 99% white
Current US Presidential Cabinet: 91% white
People who decide which TV shows we see: 93% white
People who decide which books we read: 90% white
People who decide which news is covered: 85% white
People who decide which music is produced: 95% white
People who directed top 100 grossing films: 95% white
Teachers: 82% white
Full-time college professors: 84% white
Owners of men’s professional football teams: 97% white

The struggle is real.

If Whites are the majority population and make the majority of money of course they are going to hold those positions in majority. No racial conspiracy here. Next.

Statistics ought to be compulsory in high school. White males make 31% of the population yet hold over 65% of all elected positions. Thus, white males are overrepresented. Whites (as a group, including males and females) are only ~60% of the population. Thus, whites are overrepresented.

I’ve never before encountered the term. Do I have this right- I guess it’s a shorter “white people”? So fucking what?

How do those categories split out by sex? I’m guessing we end up with white men, not white, as the group with over-representation.

Every time I see it, I’m reminded of wysiwyg, i.e. “what you see is what you get”, a term used to describe some early word processors and such that had a then-novel graphical interface so the documents would appear on the screen exactly as they would be printed.

There was indeed a time when this was a selling point instead of something casually taken for granted.

One great example is the type of white person who insists on calling 911 to report black people existing within their line of sight. Permit Patty and BBQ Becky are total wypipo. Tipoff–that inordinate sense of entitlement.

Another one would be some fulminating white person frothing over a black football player taking a knee because it dishonors the flag and is disrespecting veterans somehow thereby–while using a flag for a beach towel to sit on.

Those are def wypipo.

The word isn’t a big deal, but what is a big deal is mutual respect.

For example, Chris Rock in one of his sketches described two sets of Black people, Black people and the N-word, he gets to describe it that way because he’s Black, and he’s from that environment so I understand the context and I understand I don’t get to say it.

So tell me why MrDibble gets to call White people who debate him on context of racist words by the Netflix PR Chief gets to say ‘Wypipo’ Because it sounds to me like he’s trying to shut down the debate because he’s frustrated and brush us off as all racist who.just.don’t.understand

I’m also lovin’ the mischaraterisation you’re using by accusing us of thinking ALL Black people are racist and hypocrites, you know, maybe I just thought Mr Dibble was acting along those lines?

Nuance is everything, try learning that.

I agree.

Thanks. We definitely need a word for that kind of white people.


I’m offended. The preferred term of my people is “honky”. In certain contexts, Haole is OK. Gringo is good, but you can be a gringo negro, too, so maybe not. Cracker is something we use amongst ourselves, so don’t go culturally appropriating it from us!! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bowl of jello that needs to be eaten.

Well I guess I see why they’re called snowflakes, then. They’re white as fuck.

You guys have got to stop playing into the alt right’s hands.

Like it or not, the term “wypipo” is indeed a derogatory term that is used to negatively stereotype white people. That makes is a slur. Yes, many of us are not really offended by it. But, if you’re going to make racism into a moral issue–which it very much fucking is!–then you have to be consistent on that message.

Yes, Jake is an asshole in claiming he’s being oppressed by the word. But Ryan_Liam has a point. We say that when someone tells you that a term is racially loaded and offensive and has a history of being used derogatorily, we should stop using it. So we should fucking stop using it.

If we don’t, then we’re telling the alt-right that we do not actually hold the principles we say. We make exceptions for us, meaning that we don’t really believe what we claim to believe. They have no reason not to use that as proof that we are racist against white people, or self-hating white people. We can no longer treat all that bullshit as a strawman, because they would have a fucking point. We’ve got to stop giving in and doing the shit that they claim liberals do. You’re making their alternative facts into a reality!

I said in the other thread that I understood why MrDibble did what he did. I get his frustration. But that doesn’t mean we should give ammunition to our enemies. And, no, you aren’t “woke” if you accept this term being used about you.

I don’t actually find “wipipo” offensive either. But my feelings are not more important than making sure we stay on message, and present a united front against all racism. That we stand for principles. Sure, we can be uncivil, but we MUST remain entirely against all racism, even the small stuff. If we aren’t, then we cannot fight racism.

If we lose our principles, our morals, then this really does become just about “what we find offensive.” And there’s a reason they try to boil it down to that–because it’s where they can win. White people do not face racism of any appreciable degree in this country. I entirely agree with that. People claiming racism against white people are usually wrong.

But fighting racism means not even giving the most benign form of it any quarter. We must stand for our principles, or we stand for nothing.