Yankees-Red Sox Game 7: Final Score Predictions.

Very simple: give your prediction of the final score for tonight’s game sometime before the first pitch.

If any, the winner or winners get to say, “I told ya so” as many times as they want. I’ll start:
Yankees – 8
Red Sox – 5

2 dead
25 injured
$750,000 in fines and
213 court apperances for drunk and disorderly

red sox 2
yankees 1

it is now safe for the red sox to advance to the series.

First inning and no runs are in so I will say Red Sox 6 Yankees 1.

Sox 5
Yanks 4
Bartman 0

Sox 7
Yanks 2
Bartman 1,563 (seashells)

Ok the Red Sox are up 4-0 in the 4th inning, so I predict they blow it in the ninth. Garciaparra drops a fly ball that sets up a five-run Yankee rally.

Aw, poor Roger Clemens. Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hey hey…

(Wasn’t he in that Simpsons episode? That was twelve years ago. HELL of a career…)

I have to wonder if Roger is really going to retire. I respect his abilities, but I think his admirers and detractors alike can recognize that he has a healthy ego. If the Sox hold on and win this game Roger will leave on an ignominious playoff loss. I’m just not sure he can bear to bear to go out that way.

Well, who looks stupid now.

They blew it in the eighth. :smack:

Man, Grady Little is a shitty manager. You have a starter who tires easily and has thrown 114 pitches, who’s suddenly being hit all over the place. Runners on second and third . . . better give him one more shot to blow it.

Yankees - Marlins: what a snoozefest that’ll be.


$2 says the Yankees finish it right now in the 9th. Hopefully, it’ll be on a 3 run homer. . .

Thank God the Sox left Kim off the playoff roster for this series.

So who will be the hero? the goat? Grady probably has it locked up if the Sox lose.

Nah, Pedro says he convinced Grady to let him stay on. I kinda blame 'em both.