Bosox-Yanks: One more game for all the money!!

Yep, the Red Sox won today, 9-6, and Pedro and Roger go at it again tomorrow!!

Damn, I’m psyched.

I don’t know how I’m going to survive tomorrow night, I really don’t. I quit watching this game in the 4th, then decided that since it was their last game of the season, I owed it to them to make myself watch. Boy, am I glad I did.

How the hell did Nomar go 4 for 4? I watched with the sound muted and listened to the radio broadcast–they said Grady predicted–PREDICTED!–that Nomar would have a four hit game. WTF…

Anyway, Go Sox!!!

When my wife and I left work, it was 4-1, Sox; when we got home, it was 6-4, Yanks. (Insert major groan here.) I decided to sit down and watch anyway. Damn, that was fun!

And now Kerry Wood’s hit a 2-run HR to tie up the other game at 3-3 after giving up a 3-run HR with one out in the top of the first. We may have Cubs-Bosox after all!!

I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel. I had an evening appointment with one of my clients at 7. I delayed until 7:10, but I hate being late so I knew I had to leave the radio. At the point I left the bases were loaded and the game was tied 6-6. I was so fidgety I don’t remember a thing my client and I talked about.

I firmly believe that the fate of the Cubs and Sox are linked, so I am cheering heartily for the Cubs at the moment. Go Sox!

Psyched Too.

Don’t be putting you eggs or nads in the Cubs-Bosox basket (Even w/the 5-3 Chicago lead at the end of 4 1/2).

Speaking as a spoiled rotten NYY fan, If:
Torre doesn’t tweek the line-up loses (Giambi in the 6-spot and Soriano-8th)
Leaves any middle reliever in for more than an inning AND they lose - I hope the NY Press is all over him like flies on shit.

Speaking as someone who’s hating FOX Sports MLB coverage:
If I hear that goddamn racing car noise at the start and end of EVERY replay during the World Series, I’ll hunt down the producer and take my vengeance out on his face.
Have to suffer through any more of Tim McCarver’s moronic and biased opinions I’ll puke
Assholes: There are no such things as curses. Profanity yes, (as evidenced in this post), but not of the goat or bad trade varieties

Go Yanks!!!


Love your “location.”

Well, don’t go looking for anybody vs. the Cubs, with them down 9 - 5 in the 7th…

Considering that it was 3-0, Cubbies, after 7 last night, anything is possible, but it doesn’t look good for the Cubs right now.

Poor Cubbies. Poor Mr. Bartman. Doesn’t look good for the World Series For the Ages.

At least the Sox still have a chance at purging the evil that remains in this postseason. I don’t think they will, but I predicted the Yanks would win in 6. Hopefully I’ll be wrong again.