Yeah baby!!

My sister and I had appointments at this little salon to get our hair cut and colored. We’ve had the appointments for about 2 weeks. The place is booked solid. So apprently someone called a few days ago, and told Sara that she’d have to reschedule hers, because her hairdresser was out for the week. She was going to wait for me anyways, so she figured she’d play dumb and act as though she never got the message, in hopes that they’d squeeze her in.
So we show up, the receptionist finally figures out that there’d been a misunderstanding. You could tell she had no idea what to do. There was no way they could squeeze her in. They wanted Sara to reschedule, but between school and work, she wouldn’t have another chance for about 3 weeks. I, on the other hand, could work around my work schedule, so I was more available. I offered to give Sara my spot, and I’d come in Tuesday instead. Not really a big problem. They were so apologetic…it was like they’d expected me to flip out. It wasn’t their fault, shit happens. The lady triplechecked my appointment, to make sure it wouldn’t happen again, AND i got a $25 gift certificate for my inconvienence. When the owner of the salon brought it over, I could tell he was doing it under force. His wife was the receptionist. She must’ve apologized 15 times. So now when I go to get my hair done for Florida, I get it half off. Gotta love that!!!