Yeah but how does your web page sound?

This is a pretty cool toy I read about on CNN.

It looks at the code for any web page and translates that into some form of music. Some are pretty cool. I have absoluelty no idea exactly what type of algorythyms they are using, but it’s fun to try weird sites.
Now as soon as I post this I can hear what this page sounds like :slight_smile:

Pretty neat site. I couldn’t find anything that sounded great at first but then I kept trying random sites and got some good ones. Would love to see some more neat stuff like this.

Brendon Small

This thread has got the funk!

The simplest stuff sounds best. I tried both and, and they sounded nice. The more complicated stuff has odd harmonies, which wouldn’t be so bad by themselves, but are in the form of chord changes that don’t quite match the backing beat.

I saw this on another board and was actually impressed at how nice sounded.

If I can hear your site, it’s the worst site ever.

This thread sounds really awesome: What's in your "Room 101"? - In My Humble Opinion - Straight Dope Message Board

Thanks for reading first, gary!

eBay isn’t bad. Sounds like an intro to a decent 80’s TV show.

There’s an XKCD link for everything