Yeah, Fuck You, UW-Madison

University of Wisconsin - Madison Provost Pat Farrell, along with Dean Gary Sandefur & Dept. Chair Ellen Rafferty ruled today that patron saint to the loon fringe; Kevin Barrett, will be teaching his Islam: Religion and Culture course next semester.

According to Farrell:

Unconventional? I’d say that’s a tad bit shaded toward an understatement. Any loon who claims “911 was designed not only to launch a war on Islam, but on religion in general, setting the stage for the secular New World Order” shouldn’t be lecturing anywhere on the public’s dime. Let him spew his inane bullshit atop a milk crate ot through a tinfoil bullhorn on a downtown street corner; where people can point and laugh free of charge.

Another victory for academic freedom, classroom expression and the open exhange of ideas and opinions. Perhaps by 2007, course offerings like Flat Earth: It’s Twoo I Tew U, The Holocaust: A Sheeny Mocky Lie and The Shadow People From Middle Earth will be coming to America’s Dairy Land.

How ridiulous. How very fucking dumb. How could anyone defend this?

Guess I’ll just sit back and wait. Shouldn’t be long.

The U.W. has a pretty strong tradition of letting speakers have their say, trusting that folks are smart enough to sort out the B.S. While my dh was a student there, we heard Louis Farrakhan speak. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Even better, Stephen Jay Gould spoke there as well, rest his soul.

Yup, and they’re getting this whacko for the low low price of $8,247. Some will find him an interesting way to fulfill their breadth requirements.