Yeah, it really is that bad. Real examples please? (laguage too mild to go into pits

Warning, the following contains anime, homosexuality, and a dislike for the republican party. If you dislike any of those, please skip this post. I believe it is too mild for the pit, and the wrong audience, but if it should turn, mods, feel free to move it.
Just now, I was going through, an archive of fan made music videos of Lesbians of anime. Despite the mental image conjured of lesbians in the popular media, it’s all very sweet and innocent. As I watched the vids, I thought back to all the fanfiction I have browsed through that contained heterosexual pairings for various obviously homosexual characters. True, some of my favorite pairings are only subtext, but it others it is true. For example, I have come across author who try to fid a nice boy for Tomoyo, of Card Captor Sakura. This is due to the fact they don’t see an obvious pairing for her, and they are immune to my malleting them across the head with my Mallet of “They’re Gay.” Sure, she’s didn’t wind up with Sakura, sure, she’s too young to date, period, sure, al those are true, but as CLAMP, the creatrixes made her, she’s a lesbian. Same goes for those who claim that Shinji isn’t at least bi, considering the feelings he had for Kaworu.

Now, the fact that some can believe that a mistranslation to be shown on American TV is canon can be bad enough, but what’s worse is where an attitude of seeing only what you want to can be seen in other places. For example, I see a phrase something like IOIARDI, or something like it. (SP?) It’s the initial for the phrase, “It’s okay If A Republican Does It.” Further more, it seems that if a democrat does it, they should be screamed at, even if what they did is in no way a violation of any standards. Now, many republicans do not take those tactics, and some despise them, but they still benefit from the organizations of such people.

Both of those are real annoyances or problems, though one is not nearly as important as the other, but it feels good to get them of my chest. Anyone else want to add one? A problem you have noticed that is not just a matter of perception, that is. Language appropriate for MPSIMS, please If not, no biggy. I said what I need to say.

Oh, one more for the road. When I was a teen, I attended a week long trip to the holocaust scenes of Poland. My jewish sunday school kinda thing then went to Israel for two weeks. I was so miserable. I wrote my family letters begging for a way to get home. They didn’t believe things could be that bad, and indeed they weren’t compared to being a holocaust victim-to-be, but they were bad enough. Soon after I got home, the organizing group was broken up, and my parents were given an apologetic phone call by the rabbi (female, reform) who organized it. To this day, when every they met her in public, she apologizes to them and I immediately get called with a recounting of how they are so sorry they didn’t believe me.