Yee-haw! Nashville ranks 4th in the nation!

…for traffic congestion. According to the latest study by people who study such things.
I’m right proud, y’all.

Must be all the rubber-necking at the new, improved Parthenon. I know it caught me on the way by…

You guys had better watch your back. Lexington, Ky., is gonna catch up to you pretty soon.

I think its that building that looks like batman’s head…

Who’s 1 thru 3?

My guesses are Atlanta, Chicago, LA, or NY?

Yeah, well…you’re not going to catch up to Atlanta. No way. We keep sprawling towards the Alabama and TN borders just to keep Nashville from having worse traffic.

I believe that about Nasvegas though-I lived in M’boro and worked in Madison for a bit in 1997, and that’s where I learned what a tendency to road rage I have. Those trips up Mufreesboro Road to Briley used to kill me. Then I moved to Donelson and cut my commute time way down.

Somebody interviewed the highway commissoner about this a while back and his attitude was, “More roads aren’t going to improve the problem, so you’re just going to have to deal with it.” :rolleyes:

Then there was the time that they decided to “solve” the traffic congestion problem on 65 by swapping its signs with those of 265! :rolleyes:

It kills me. They’re planning on extending a highway near my house by five miles, to do this, it’s going to take SEVEN YEARS!!! :eek:

The people in charge of the highways in this state all need to be taken out and shot.

Kwitcherbitchin. The I-35/I-40 interchange reconstruction in Oklahoma City will be done in 2003, a mere ten years since it was started. The eastbound/northbound parts is now done but we have to wait two freaking years for the westbound/southbound parts to finish. The I-35 widening project from Shields Blvd to I-40 has been going on for almost five years and work on the I-35/I-240 interchange (the most difficult part) hasn’t even started yet. OKC is just about the most spread-out metropolis in the country and the two busiest Interstate intersections are both a huge mess at rush hour. Thank God I live about 20 miles east of downtown and work less than six miles from my home.