Yes! His name is the same of the singer!!! STFU*#%#&@

I know it’s lame, but enough is enough…

I’m kind of an internetfreak™ so I just can’t take it anymore.

I read message boards and mainstream sites like CNN, Espn, MsNBC etc etc. And in every thread and every article, gah…

Yes! Kenny Rogers the Major League Choke Pitcher has the same name as Kenny Rogers the Apparently Retired pop singer. Ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha ah.

Ah. Hah bwrrrrp. Hah ah…ah…ahhahahahah

It’s pun city! Let’s all join in! Ha ha…glurp…flark…ha ha ha ha

Just fucking stop. STFU.

And you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Can you give me some examples from mainstream sites? I’m a regular reader of ESPN and CNN as well, and I don’t recall ever reading a single word about his name being that of the singer, joking or otherwise.

As for messageboards, I can easily see some juvenille wiseass making that claim, but I don’t frequent other messageboards. (He sniffed).

I didn’t include cites from message boards because every thread here that mentioned Kenny Rogers the pitcher referenced, at one point or another, Kenny Rogers the singer.
But this probably one of the most respected message boards on the internet and the members here are smarter, better-looking and infintely more sophisticated.

I also read,,,…yada yada, I don’t remember where but I’ve seen “The Gambler” puns from more than one news source.

If you read more than one message board, the first “you got to know when to run” quote is funny, but then you find out there are a billion similarly affected human peoples.

The Gambler isn’t retired, BTW. I came close to breaking down and seeing one of his shows last week.

And it’s Michael Bolton. Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks.

Then don’t look here.

Or here .

That no talent ass-clow…what? For my money, it doesn’t get any better than when he sings “When a Man Loves a Woman”.

You know, he (the ballplayer) could just call himself “Kenneth”…but why should he change his name? He’s not the one that sucks.

Oh, and next Friday… is Hawaiian shirt day… so, you know, if you want to you can go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.


“PC load letter!” What the **** does that mean!

See? Dopers have timing…that’s important.

Bleh. Kenny Rogers sucked so bad for both NY teams. He doesn’t understand that teammates need to rely on each other, uh huh, from one lover to another, uh huh.

I worked with a guy named Willie Nelson. He said he literally couldn’t remember the last day that somebody hadn’t brought it up, each time as if he’d never heard of the famous Orthopedist of that name.

When I worked in hotels I had a not terribly professional staff at one property (one literally squealed with glee and cried “Oh my god! Midgets! They’re so cute!” when husband/wife Little People came to attend a legal conference) and I saw the surname “Frankenstein” on the arrivals list. I gave written orders that anybody who mentioned anything about any similarities to the names of other persons, living or dead or fictional would be reprimanded.

It’s not the singer but he is the guy who makes chicken.
That’s good chicken.

I heard he was the coward of the county.

I wish I were sorry for that, but I’m not.

Sometimes you have to know when to hold’ em…

Yes, I’ll stop now.

Did you hear about the new pop singer named Corncob Pipe?

It’s only funny when we do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Before my day of wedded bliss I shared the same name as an actress who did a sexy sexy movie. (No, not porn, that would have been cool)

Way too many people were just dumb enough to think they were the first ever to notice that I shared the same name. “Gee, you’re right Einstein, I do have the same name as *******, you’re an amazing person. You should go national.”

Michael Bolton Sucks!

Did the staff make them sing, " Puttin’ on the ritz"? :dubious:

Sharon Stone?

I was born on the dairy, bitch!

Apropos of nothing, I am frequently told I look like Kenny Rogers the singer. That is all.

Before I got married, I did share a name with a porn star. It told me a lot about a person if he said, “Hey, you know you have the same name as a porn star!” Yeah? You don’t say! What has she been in? Some men didn’t know sarcasm or when to quit.