Yes! His name is the same of the singer!!! STFU*#%#&@

I wouldn’t go around admitting that you look like a dork if I were you.

One of the Bartenders up the street from me is named Bono. I am not kidding, that is his given name.

Needless to say, he has the Office Space “Why should I change my name” rant memorized.

When I first saw the thread about this pitcher guy, there was absolutely no indication whatsoever that they were not talking about the country singer. It completely confused me.

Some kind of disclaimer is, at the least, a convenience for the baseball ignorant.

All I could figure was that the singer was ‘throwing out the first pitch’ or whatever that tradition is. And I was obviously wrong about that.

I had that same problem. Apparently, we were the only two that did. Islands in the stream, that is what we are…

Hey, I tried to do my part, at least, by referencing Kenny Rogers the relatively obscure yet distinguished doctor of pediatrics and humanitarian.

And did I recieve any gratitude for my effort? No.

I can’t believe that no one has mentioned yet that the singer and the ball player have the same name! Oh, well. On to another thread…

Hey! I know a guy named Paul Rodgers. He’s got the same name as that guy from Bad Company. Huh.

I used to know a guy named Marvin Aday. That’s Meat Loaf’s given name. Come to think of it, he was Meat Loaf…

If you’re reading this, Meat, say Hi! to Leslie and the girls for me.

You’re the baddest of the bad, Doc F.

I work with a guy named Robert Heinlein. We once had the following conversation:

“Are you related?”
“To who?”
(pause) “The author.”
“Which one?”
(longer pause) “There’s a science fiction writer named Robert Heinlein.”
“Really? Never heard of him. I don’t think we’re related.”

Now maybe he was just sick of the subject and was being highly ironic. But he seemed sincere (and I am his boss’s boss) so I think he really meant it.

How the hell could he have gone through life and never have heard this before?

Maybe I should have noted it’s the name of a less famous star. Not really as hot as Sharon Stone.


Honest to God, there is a woman in my Weight Watchers meeting named Sharon Stone. I am quite pleased with myself that after several months, I’ve never said a damn thing to her about it.

Oh my god. I hope that person was reprimanded Very Severely about that incident. :eek:

I’d have made sure to refer to them as “Fronkensteen”…

When the news said that Kenny Rogers attacked a cameraman, I thought: “Why would the chicken-maker guy attack a cameraman? That isn’t very nice…”

It took my three days to realize it wasn’t the chicken guy. :wally


Everyone please ignore DiosaBellisima’s post, above mine.

About 8 years ago, there was an IT guy at my work named Don Johnson. My boss thought it was hilarious to refer to him as “Crockett.” I don’t think the IT guy shared his enthusiasm, though.

Another funny thing to see is people wondering about the parents, like how could they name their son after a famous singer. Like anyone knew who Kenny Rogers (the singer) was in 1965 (birth year of baseball pitcher) I mean, it probably wasn’t until somewhere in the mid to late 70’s that little left-handed, anger-management problem Kenny realized the name match.

And what the hell is Kenny Rogers chicken? Is that a chain?

Kenny Rogers Roasters, I’m not sure if the chain is around any more but there was a Sienfeld episode that featured one.