Yes, I do have zits. Thanks for noticing.

To those who feel compelled to point out others’ flaws in a less-than-helpful way:


The don’t-pick-on-me-because-I’m-______ bitch of the week…

Yup, those are zits. I have acne, and I have had it since I was about eight years old. Perhaps I’ll have it until the day I die. Some days it bugs me, and I try to improve my appearance, and some days I don’t give a shit. Most of the time, I just try to forget that my skin looks crappy. Right now I’m using three different kinds of prescription medication to try to get my zits under control, but my hormones aren’t really playing along.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank (among others) my annoying roommate’s equally annoying mother for harping on my zits. Thank you very much for your unsolicited advice. Thank you for pointing out that I’d be beautiful if I were zit-free. Thank you for recommending another type of makeup. And another way to apply it. Thanks ever so for comparing my mottled, flaking flesh to your beautiful pore-free, porcelain skin. And incidentally, thanks for cleaning our bathtub when you visited us. :rolleyes:

I understand that, in your limited, tact-free way, you’re trying to help. Alas, this sort of help works best when it comes from a close friend. (And when it’s in context. And tactful). I’ve never spoken to you before, but I have noticed that I have zits. I don’t need you to point it out.

No, I don’t have a great complexion. And yeah, it’ll probably be even worse when I’m your age. But at least I’ve got my personality.

vix, you are beautiful…period!


Thanks Cajun Man! That’s the second really sweet thing you’ve said to me.

And oldscratch, the insult inherent in having a houseguest clean for me outweighs the convience, IMO. Guess I’m just cranky! :wink:

Oh my goodness, I totally empathise.

I used to never ever get zits, up until about 8 months ago, and since then I have had a mild case of acne.

And EVERYONE seems to feel the need to remind me how great my skin used to be, and why haven’t I done anything to fix this, etc.

Will your roomate be there Tuesday night? Cause I’m preparing a nice little zit for her right now :slight_smile:

Vix, you’re gorgeous. I’ve witnessed.

I swear its the iodine in salt. Ever since i went off to college, where they don’t put salt in anything, my skin has cleared up nicely. They have iodized salt so we don’t get goiters but we get enough of it in a balanced diet. Damn you iodized salt! Damn you!

vix, if I made an extensive list of your flaws (and I have :D) “bad skin” wouldn’t be on it.

This annoying mother is attempting to squeeze some satisfaction out of her unfulfilling existence by projecting her own middle-aged personal appearance insecurities upon a young, energetic and attractive younger woman. Textbook case. So her skin looks like porcelain. So does my toilet.

I have a friend who mingles with young soap opera actresses and they all have that china doll skin. They took Accutane to get it. The good news is their skin looks great. The bad news is that crap is rather teratogenic. If they ever plan on getting pregnant, they run the risk of giving birth to a salamander.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

People just can’t help themselves with advice. It’s human nature to want to tell your “secret” formulas, to brag about how you know answer to ending zits, fat, war, crabgrass, anything.

So we all spout easy advice to people who have aready tried everything, no mater how stupid it is to do so.

The key thing to remember is “If there are many treatments, there is no cure.”

I’m really sorry to have to jump on the bandwagon like this, but, I mean, damn…

vix, yer fuckin’ gorgeous. Anyone who’s concentrating on whether or not you have acne has entirely too much time on his or her hands.

And I am an authority. I said so, it must be true.

You know, it just occurred to me, I should have said:

“You’re fuckin’ gorgeous (and I wish I was gorgeous).”

Hrmnph. I think I’ve just lost my “Unprovoked Flirt” wings for life.

Ah, thanks all, for your support. It’s especially welcome since I’m having a lousy day at work. You guys are great.

Well, Pucette, the roommate in question is a guy, and hopefully he won’t be there, 'cause he’s a big grouchy bully.

Andy - thanks, babe. The feeling is mutual. :slight_smile:

Alphagene - ppbbth!

And Hama, do all the bandwagon-jumping you want, and feel free flirt with me anytime… :smiley:

Have you tried giving up chocolate?

Just kidding.

Unfortunately jerks are everywhere. (whispering) Some are even here.

It’s true. I know their pusher. Eleanor of Accutane.

I didn’t notice any blemishes on that movie-star face, either, and we spent time in the SUBWAY together, with that flattering fluorescent lighting.

(On the other hand, if you have really oily skin, you won’t wrinkle up as fast when you get older. Just picture yourself as the sweetheart of the nursing home.)

Golly. At the risk of turning this into a let’s tell vix how good-looking she is thread, let me add myself to the list of people that didn’t notice any facial blemishes the first bunch of times I met you.

There was just one time that I do recall noticing that your face looked a little less clear than usual, but I quickly went on to notice that the rest of you looked damn fine as always, and forgot about until this thread.

It could be worse. You could be like this woman I know who periodically gets chemical face peels (for what appears to be no real reason, other than her own insecurity or superficiality). Anyway, when she gets one, for a month after she gets one, she looks like she got attacked by a belt sander using coarse grit paper. I have no clue why she goes through that (and subjects the rest of us to it) for “beauty.”

Erm, believe me, Billdo, it’s not what I anticipated. (I was expecting something along the lines of “Shut up, ya whiner.”) Not that I mind so much, but you guys are making me blush. No mean feat, that. Thank you!

But blushing goes so well with your zits.

[sub][sup]Ow, Ow, stop hitting me. It just popped into my head. I didn’t really mean it. Forget I said anything.[/sup][/sub]

Yeah, yeah.

Be on the lookout for vix’s next Pit thread, “I Think I’m Getting a Little Fat.”

No, no, Uke. It’s gonna be “I’m feeling kinda poor but all my friends wanna take cabs. Please pity me!”

[sub][sup]Hey, I like the subway.[/sub][/sup]