Yes, I have ibuprofin. No, you may not have some.

Although to your face I’ll say that I don’t have any. Why? Because you’re a damn mooch. You ask for ibuprofin almost every day. You know you’re likely to end up with a headache at work (same here, which is why I have ibuprofin) yet you constantly expect everyone else to provide your pain relief. Go buy your own fucking bottle.


My boss is a good man but one of the biggest mooches I know. He will come back looking for food to mooch.

I have a B12 deficiency and I have found an energy supplement that provides lots of B vitamins. I used to keep a bunch in my drawer. He is such a mooch that now I only take in a day’s supply at a time. This is a pain, because if I forget, I really feel the impact.

Lately he has been out of the office a lot, that makes it easier on me. :slight_smile:

If ibuprofen is too expensive, just hand him 2 Tic Tacs. :smiley:

You could say to their face get your own I’m not a pharmacy.

Why doesn’t the office provide the med? If it’s work induced, it should be readily available.

How about aspirin? You got a couple aspirins?

There may be liability issues with handing out meds, even over-the-counter painkillers; my employer won’t allow it even by trained first-aiders. Of course, American society may be less litigious than English. :slight_smile:

I take four ibuprofen when I am cramping like a bitch. That is the legal limit. Shit I can’t say anymore cause thwy’ll ban me.

There you go, Otto. Just tell the moocher that you can’t give out meds for legal reasons.

Meh. My company has huge ass medicine cabinets in the break rooms. Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antacid and every other over the counter med you could want. Every place I have worked has had something similar.

Mine, too.

Me three.

The last building I worked in had a nursing staff, tons of pain relievers, and cots for headache naps and what have you. It was kind of awesome (though I never took advantage of the headache cots).

I was working for an old biddie at an insurance company when the Tylenol poisonings came down in the Chicago area.

She went around and made us empty our purses and she confiscated any Tylenol anyone had. Of course, I resisted and told her no fuckin’ way was I emptying my purse for her. Good times…

Anyhoo…people with frequent pains should carry their own dope. Period.

I had a coworker at one job who after a while would just show up in my cubicle and put her hand out and smile when she needed something for a headache. She thought it was cute. I thought it was obnoxious, but I passed up several opportunities to say so. I will gladly donate my unused karma to you if you tell off the insufferable bastard who can’t afford a trip to CVS.

Jeez, it’s unbelievable what people imagine to be their business. I would have told her that I hope she hasn’t thrown all that Tylenol away, because she’s going to need some if she tries pawing through my stuff. “Hope you don’t need that wrist.”

You’ll have to learn how to say no and why. Is it really that difficult - jeez, I swear men will do anything rather than tell someone the truth if they think the other person will get upset.
Say it in a jokey way - eg ‘Hey, that’s been a whole packet, now go get your own for when I need them’ or something like that.

I used to work with a girl who if she knew I had them, would take all my Naprogesics. I don’t mind sharing one or two, but they’re there for a reason: I get horrible cramps once a month. But it was like if she knew they were there, she had to have them. Usually a pack will last me a month, but if she spied them on my desk, they were gone within days.

Then came the food mooching. If I had a tin of tuna in my desk and she saw it, it’s days were numbered.

Then came the borrowing money (and she earned MORE then me). One day she got offended because I couldn’t lend her $10, and when I refused I offered the reason that I have $10 in my wallet, and if I leant it to her I would have to go to the bank and incur an fee needlessly.

I am so careful about asking for anything, and don’t ask to borrow anything unless I am desperate. Of course if you’re a close friend everything of mine is yours anyways and you’re more than welcome to it.

“Hey, Otto, got any Ibuprofin?”

“Wow, thanks for asking! Just give me two for now.”

Fair enough. Of course it may be that my employer is just a (*) - still at least we can buy packets of painkillers from the canteen. :dubious: