Yet another person out to get Wildest Bill

I was going to put this into your “I had to be chased by seven police cars, but it wasn’t MY fault” post, but it kept coming out as too flamelike for IMHO. Rather than risk the wrath of Czarcasm and TVeblen, I’m posting it here.

You wrote

Consider it practice for when you take the stand. :rolleyes:

Your story has changed with every retelling. First, you were just driving along, then you were “spinning your wheels but not a whole lot”. First a drunk plays chicken, then the drunk morphs into a cop who’s trying desperately trying to get you to pull over during what seems to be a car chase.

And, while previewing, I just noticed the story’s changed again. First, you said “I look in my rear view mirror and there was 7 cops behind me” . Now, “at first there was one cop then all the others showed up ok.”

Juries don’t look kindly upon wildly inconsistant testimony.

You describe the cop’s actions as “joining in the fun” (emphasis mine), which coupled with your comments about being a “hot-rodder”, and when Guinastasia suggested that you drive cautiously, you responded that you somehow have to live up to the “Wildest” part of your username. This gives a pretty good indicator of your mentality. Hint: Most people would rather you be a safe driver, even if it means you’re less “Wild”. I believe you’re a father. Would you want your kids on the same roads as others who apply the word “Wildest” to their driving habits?

Also: cops are shot on a regular basis during normal, routine traffic stops. Given that (in version 1.0 of your story) you had to have between six and eight police cars chase you down, including forcing you off the road this was far outside the norm. It’s entirely reasonable that you were frisked.

You say that you stopped “as soon as you saw” them in your rearview mirror, but that still leaves open the question of how long they were chasing you before you noticed them. Given that cops don’t casually try to force people off the road (think of the lawsuits), you must have been pretty oblivious.

I also just caught this:

So you insulted the cop who had to try to force you off the road in front of the cop who was writing you the tickets. And you wonder why the “mean” cop was so upset??

Something that continually irritates me about your posts is your persecution complex attitude. In this post, you had as many as EIGHT police cars chasing you! But somehow, it’s because of them, not you. Another example: you were sued “over 8 times in 10 years” But again, it was because people were out to get you, rather than something you did. Do you ever take any responsiblity for any of these situations?

Another other thing that irritates me is your use of the stupid argument: “but everyone else was doing it”! You claimed in the “cops had to chase you” thread that it was no big deal if you didn’t signal to change lanes because

and in another thread, you make the same claim about drunk driving since

And you’re a bigot. It seems like in every thread of yours that I read, you come up with yet another profession that you have problems with. It’s never the individual, it’s always the profession. Lying, power-tripping cops, “scumsucking” lawyers, “busybody” journalists, maybe “Emergency room workers who

and even sleazy “ladies restroom designers

Some of these are no big deal (the restroom designer, in and of itself is actually kind of funny), but together there’s a repeated pattern of attributing negative motives to any profession you don’t like. And there are lots I’m curious: who do you like, other than “hot-rodders”?

Fenris (sure to be next on Bill’s Enemies list)

Not enough obscenities to be a true flame, but well-constructed and with good links.


For all of those reasons and more, I have stopped reading WBill’s posts completely. Just scroll by, my man, just scroll on by.

Now, your posts, OTOH, are usually interesting, and occasionally downright funny. Thank you.
*Aenea, who is learning to ignore WB.


I don’t think any of the three “inconsistencies” that you refer to are actually that.

  1. In his opening sentence he says that he “kind of got on it”. He later explains this to mean that he was speeding (which is how I would have understood it). No problem there.

  2. At no point does he say that a drunk got on him - he merely says that “I asked him why didn’t he get the drunk guy that tried me off the road and then he tells me he was a COP”. IOW, at the time he was addressing the cop who pulled him over he thought the first guy was a drunk, and was informed that he was really a cop. No problem there.

  3. I think it is clear from the OP that he saw 7 cop cars behind him as he drove, was pulled over by the first one to reach him, and subsequently surrounded by the rest once they cought up to the scene. No problem there either.

As for the rest of your issues - they may have merit and they may not - I thought I’d challenge you about the inconsistencies though.

Fenris- stop torturing yourself. Don’t read threads he starts or post to them, it will only encourage him.

I have tried in the past to give WB the benefit of the doubt, and even found him slightly amusing at times, but in the end he remains tiresome and pointless, if not downright stupid.

I know, I know, it’s like a big flaming train wreck thatyou have to slow down & look at, but try to rein in your morbid curiosity. Good luck.

I give it a 7.8 on the flame scale because of the inconsistancies izzy pointed out. Other than that WOW you do your homework fenris. I wish I would had you as a study partner in college. :wink:

I am going to add some more wood for the flames and tell you what kind of cops I do like. I like cops that protect your houses, business and keep you from being robbed.

I really don’t like traffic cops especially dps cops. That is all those dudes do is write tickets and are usually big jerks. I know we need some sorta of law to keep people from driving like complete idiots(this is easy one to get me on) but when a cop pulls you over at least he/she could do is be nice. I am going to take back the “she” from before. Cops that are girls are usually always very polite. It is the older chubby male fat cops or the dps cops that wear the mirror sunglass with the funny little funky cowboy hats that are total jerks for some reason. Those I don’t like & I admit it.

I think they were the ones that were picked on in school and hate everybody and it shows in their attitude. That is why their superiors gave them the crappy traffic or dps jobs in the first place because that is all they are suited for.

And fenris I like you. How could I not like anybody that puts that much work and effort into a flame as a matter of fact, I’m flattered. :wink:

Bill, honey, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and tell you to get over it. DPS officers around here tend to be cowboys. You should know that. And it’s their job to pull you over and irritate the crap out of you if you’re driving irresponsibly. 8 cop cars?!?! What were you thinking?? Then you insult one of the cops?? In my part of Texas they’d have hauled you in just for that. (I know, I’ve seen them do it before.)

Laura’s rule of thumb for Cops… say “Yes sir” or “No sir” and smile a lot. Maybe they won’t make my life miserable just for the hell of it.

Wildest Who?

Excellent, Fenris. You’ve really gotten right to the core. See, when dealing with ol’ Billy, there are a few maxims that must be understood:

  1. The entire universe revolves around Bill and his family and friends. All laws and societal practices should be tailored to their personal taste and convenience.
  2. Bill and his friends are above the law. Laws that apply to all other people should not apply to them, but . . .
  3. It doesn’t matter, because they’re Saved![sup]TM[/sup]
  4. Everything is somebody else’s fault. Bill and his friends are incapable of doing wrong. If he gets sued, it’s because of scum-sucking lawyers. If the cops pull him over, it’s because they’re fascist assholes.
  5. It is OK for Bill and his friends to engage in behavior that Bill would roundly condemn someone for engaging in around his daughters. He doesn’t want his daughters hearing about sex in school, but he’s perfectly comfortable endangering the lives of other humans by driving dangerously.

In short, he’s a prick, and what’s worse, he’s a prick who hides behind this facade of being an avuncular, fun-lovin’, good ol’ boy just trying to give his kids a good Christian upbringing.

I’m getting a point reduction due to lack of obscenities from Duck Duck Goose??! Has the world gone topsy-turvy? My mental image of you is shattered! :smiley:

Thanks for the nice words!


I’ll stand by two of them.

He actually explained that “kind of got it on” meant “spinning his wheels but not a whole lot”. I don’t see how the two phrases are compatible. I assumed “kind of got it on” just meant “accelerated”.

I looked back over Bill’s posts, ran them through the WB->ENGLISH parser again, and I concede the point. Your interpretation is most likely the correct one.

I disagree with this point. In one version of the story, he saw one car in the rear view mirror. It’s implied he pulled over and then the other cops showed up. In the other version, he saw seven cars behind him. Not an earth-shaking discrepancy, but a discrepancy nonetheless.

Part of the problem comes from the fact that Bill is um…linguistically challenged. That and the fact that Bill tends to overuse pronouns to the point where it’s hard to tell who’s doing what to who.


Originally posted by Lauralee

That is an Eagle song isn’t it.

I know but they don’t wear normal Texas cowboy hats they wear those funky little brown clown looking ones.

Laraulee as much I respect ya I can’t agree with you here. That is not their job. Their job is to write tickets to people that brake the law. They can do that being nice there is no reason to be a jerk.

I know :eek: but I guess I am just a popular guy. :wink:

I didn’t insult one. I just asked the cop why he didn’t pull over the drunk guy that tried to run me off the road. Then the cop informs me he wasn’t drunk he was a cop in an unmarked police car that was trying to cut me off. I still think that was dangerous and uncalled for.

Mine too. Except for the smiling, a girl can get away that if I was smiling they would have definetely hauled me in for being smart alec.

I was hoping the same thing but it just wasn’t meant to be a good day for me.

And Spoof,

in the words of bond or ferris beuller it’s “Bill, Wildest Bill” :wink:

And perhaps if you had braked a little more, you wouldn’t be in this situation…

Sorry, had to pick on your spelling while I was at it.

In all honesty, getting a ticket is not supposed to be a pleasant experience. No, they don’t have to be jerks, but they’re not required to be sweet and charming either.

No, Bill. Cops have no reason to be nice to you.

You were speeding. You were breaking the law. You were, by your own admission, driving like an idiot. You were endangering your own life, which is no problem in my book, but you were also endangering the lives of others.

Why should the police be nice to you? Because you’re you? Fuck that noise, Sparky. Slow down, drive like a responsible adult, and this will never again be an issue. Ya hear?

Originally posted by Lauralee

And perhaps if you had braked a little more, you wouldn’t be in this situation…

Sorry, had to pick on your spelling while I was at it.

Yea, I don’t blame you I knew it looked funny when I typed but I’m on these fat burners that I bought in Mexico and I feel a bit funny. Btw I am not fat or nothing I just got this gut and these little handle things that I want to go away.

No, I guess you’re right. But I bet if they were nice and charming, they wouldn’t be called funny names like porky and they would probably be more respected among the populace.

Bill, can I make this my sig?


Sure. It would be honor.

Let me be the first to congratulate Wildest Bill on 1000 posts.

They’ve been entertaining and everything else. :rolleyes:

Now, why doncha go and learn a few things to make the next thousand worth reading, m’kay?

Damn, a guy gripes about the tickets he got and the cops’ behavior, and you try to hold him to the same standards as if we were testifying in court. I can’t say I particularly like Bill, and I think I’ve attacked his anti-lawyer comments in the past, but he can be rather amusing, especially when commiserating on the latest events in his life. I don’t think his anecdotes deserve the severe scrutiny they seem to get put through around here. It isn’t like he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth often enough in GD.

How about because it is the professional way to conduct themselves. They don’t have to kiss his ass or anything, but being polite and professional a reasonable expectation of any government employee. It is not thier job to do anything punitive, to “irritate the crap out of you”. Thats for the courts to do after you are convicted. Thier job is to write you a ticket, or take you to jail. If the person starts being a jerk, then they should do what they need to do to keep the situation under control, until then, everyone should be treated with some degree of courtesy.

Thanks monfort for the kind words I am sure you accidently used the wrong smiley or you have been hanging around esprix too much lately.