Yet another weird dream thread

Last night I dreamt that I was back in the 1700-1800’s sometime in Europe I would guess. This of course was dream 1700s because it was something I just knew but not from anything surrounding me. I was thrown into a leper colony because the local authorities believed that I had leprosy. I didn’t actually have it and the lepers kept wanting to touch their blisters to me. Eventually I stripped down naked and didn’t have any leper blisters (I don’t know what they are but only lepers in my dream had these blisters) and they said that I didn’t have leprosy afterall and then were much more understanding and stopped harassing me.

Eventually I got out of the leper colony and had a few friends that wanted to go spelunking. Judging by the clothes this was back in modern day. We went to a place that had 1 natural cave, a tunnel under an underpass and a paved cave (three cave like structures all next to eachother) in a drainage ditch filled with water. We went in one and turned the bend and came back.

I floated on my back on the water and picked up a tortoiseshell patterned cat (the brown with flecks of other colors not a hardshell like a tortoise) that was swimming in the water. My friends went and explored the paved cave and I swam out with my new cat friend to the shore that was better lit. I fed the cat some tuna and kept putting her up on the dry land but she didn’t like it and kept hopping back in the water. I fed her some tuna and then put her in this tiny matchbox (she shrunk to fit into it) and let it float on the water. She freaked out and jumped on dry land and ran in circles until I persuaded her to eat some more. She then jumped back in the water with me and snuggled.

I woke up a few minutes later.

[ interpretation ]

you have a “thing” for … catfish

[ /interpretation ]


A friend of my son asked if I knew what it means if you dream about squid. Big ones, chasing people down the street. Anyone know?

I think it means Cthulhu has risen again, Yllaria.

I have been divorced for 8 years and I still dream of my ex. I hate him why oh why are my sweet dreams plagued with him in them? He makes them nightmares! The only good thing about my ex is he taught me religion. I never believed in hell until I was married to him!

Thanks dorkusmalorkusmafia. I think you nailed it. I’ll pass your wisdom on.

In his dream, the squid was outrunning the car he was in, but I was outrunning the squid. I think that means that I’ll be safe after the rising. If it doesn’t, I don’t want to know.

I have strange dreams all the time. I think the best thing about dreams is that one minute you can be in your house, and go out the front door, and the front door doesn’t go outside, but to your school.