Yo! Chief...Welcome back!

It’s been 5 minutes and no posts by ChiefScott!

I feel obligated to fill the gap here!

Where have you been?

We’re preparing the mighty IKE for the shipyards so I’ve been exceptionally busy. Additionally, I live off the ship now that most services aboard her have been halted.

Alas, the entire crew has today off with the exception of the duty section – and I’m standing duty.

Must feel weird to be a “land man” again.
Where are you now, and when do you go out to sea again?

The ship’ll be in the yards 'til late '03. I transfer to shore duty in December – it’ll be my final tour before I retire and get a civilian job with the rest of you schmoes.
I was bargaining for orders to Groton, Connecticut, but they fell through. I should have a better idea where I’m going next month.