Yoda is a total idiot!

Seriously I have to believe Lucas intentionally set out to make Yoda look as stupid as possible, it can’t be accidental.

Ep1 Yoda refuses to believe Maul was a Sith, he refuses to allow Anakin to become a Padawan until it is confirmed there are Sith about then totally changes his mind. Also badly mishandles the crisis on Naboo.

Ep2 Yoda not only takes the bait and jumps into the trap of taking the clones to rescue Anakin and Obiwan, therefore starting the events leading to the death of all the jedi and the start of the worst war in millennia, he also sent Anakin alone to watch Padme a chick he has openly talked about having the hots for.:smack:

Ep3 Yoda tells Anakin to let go of his attachments, yea way to go Yoda. As one of the highest ranking Jedi he has to take some of the blame for allowing things to get as bad as they did, then instead of him and Obiwan taking Palpatine on he has them split up.:smack:

Ep5 & Ep6 Basically every single word of advice Yoda offers Luke is dead wrong, in the end luke was right and Yoda was wrong there was still good in Anakin and the death of Palpatine came about because Luke ignored his advice. Yoda also was wrong about what to do at the end of ESB. Also Yoda you think maybe it would have been good to tell Luke about his Maury issue?

Let’s see how good your judgment is after eight hundred years.

grude: Please take a moment to consider how many apoplectic seizures you have just caused.

Mmmm. Maybe several moments. :smiley:

Plus, most of what he failed at is predicting the future, and he’s on record as saying it’s difficult to see because it’s always in motion.

Now, to be fair, it also doesn’t help that every single thing Obi Wan & Yoda had to say about Anakin would make Luke idolize him, but they’ve been living alone and dwelling on the past for a long time.

I think you meant to say, “After eight hundred years, how good your judgment is, let us see.”

But I’m no Yoda. More of a Windu.:smiley:

This is not the post you’re looking for.

“Give me my lightsaber!”
“Which one is it?”
“The one that says ‘Bad Motherfucker’.”


Comes up short, he does.

After 800 pages of this thread, not so sure you will be.


Well, I’ll raise this & say one of the main tenets of Jedi-ism is so inately flawed that they brought their slaughter & the rise of the Empire upon themselves. Emotional Repression as the ultimate virtue. Just looking for someone to go ballistic.

Not to mention the whole “bringing balance to the force” thing. If there are always two Sith, and like a zillion Jedi… how would you go about balancing that?

Consulted a dictionary we should have.
Do not forget authorizing a coup in Ep III. And not warning any other Jedi about it, never mind the Senate. The first time most Jedi heard about it was in Force heaven.

This…I thought that was brilliantly subtle writing by Lucas, and wasn’t ever followed up on.

What if bringing balance to the force was a BAD thing for the ‘good guys’?

It takes thousands of Jedi to equal the coolness of two Sith. It works like the inverse ninja rule. The fewer members in your order, the cooler each one is. When you make more Jedi, you’re just diluting their coolness by spreading it around a larger number of guys.

And not to mention that there are clearly more than two Sith. It should have been more clearly spelled out that if you find one, his master or apprentice isn’t far behind.

Only two Sith ever? Dumb idea. They both get killed and there are no more Sith, ever.

Always in twos? Makes more sense.

The way I “fan-wanked” it, that was sort of confirmed in other media (most notably the “Knights of the Old Republic” video game,) is that there are lots of Dark Jedi. Maybe not as many regular Jedi (well…back before 99.9% of them were killed,) but still a fair amount. Some of these Dark Jedi just go off and do Dark Jedi things…torture puppies, kill the innocent, scatter Lego bricks over your bedroom floor while you’re sleeping, that sort of thing. But a few want more power, and vie to be a Sith, which is more like a rank/leader system among the Dark Jedi. So if you’re good enough, you kill the current apprentice (or, if really daring, the current Master/Lord,) and become a Sith.

It does seem like a weird thing to vie for, though. I mean…just looking at their track record, most of them (especially apprentices,) don’t have long lives. Which makes sense, when you look what ones has to do to become a Sith. It works out a little better for the Master, since odds are most Dark Jedi will try to eliminate the Apprentice rather than you, but there’s still the chance the Apprentice himself will one day decide it’s THEIR turn to be the Sith Lord.

I’d like to imagine there’s some sort of Dark Jedi Parliament that does all the actual ruling, and put the Sith Lord/Apprentice thing into place as a way to make sure all the idiots that would ruin the good thing they got going stay out of the way.

The entire jedi/sith system is just poorly thought out - not that you can blame Lucas. When he set out, he just wanted to make a cheesy action flick. Instead, he laid the groundworks for an entire universe when it was never meant to be scrutinized to the degree that it has. What you can blame Lucas for is having all those years to work on a prequel, to go back and cover your bases and instead he’s so focused on the graphics that he let the story go to shit.

I’d be all for rebooting the sequels so that it makes more sense and offers a more satisfying origin story as well as framework for how jedi/sith interact. Reboot is too mild a word. Rewrite. Just completely erase the obvious flubs and make it a smart, innovative, interesting movie instead of a marketing ploy to sell games slash masturbatory pet project for lucasfilm.

Agree do I. A total idiot is Yoda.