Yoda is kicking ass and taking names

Has anyone seen the clip floating around on the internet in which there is a trailer showing Yoda busting out the lightsaber and dueling with some Sith dude? It was hilarious. Something about watching some bad guy have a lightsaber duel with an opponent that only goes up to his knee is funny.

And let’s scream ‘spoiler’ while we’re at it, too.

Why would it be a spoiler if a trailer of it exists?

You called it a “clip.” To the best of my knowledge, there has been no trialer footage officially released which depicts Yoda with a lightsaber.

Probably because it’s not a legitimate trailer. I don’t see it either on starwars.com or apple.com/trailers. Your reasoning is the same as saying “Why would it be a spoiler if leaked photos exist?”

er, trailer footage either.

You can’t tell me you haven’t seen the promotional shots of Yoda in kung-fu poses and such. This isn’t some big secret by any means.

Yes, there has been. I’ve seen it. I got it from usenet. It was obviously filmed by some guy with a camcorder in a movie theater…you can hear people in the theater cheering when Yoda whips out his lightsaber and goes badass.

We’ll I’ll let ya know on tuesday, Im going to an advanced screening, yaya 2 days isnt advanced but you get my drift.

The clip comes from the Star Was Celebration held over the weekend. Yes, it’s real and yes, it’s a massive spoiler. Anthony Daniels introduced the clip as the “new action hero”.

Actually, it’d be great if a moderator would change the title of this thread to something like, “Yoda Rocks!” and then mark spoilers in it.

Please, pray tell, how is that “trailer footage officially released which depicts Yoda with a lightsaber”?

And, no, Incubus, I have seen no still photos of Yoda in a kung fu pose. I’ve seen every one of the official trailers, I’ve seen all of the commercials linked on theforce.net, and I’ve got my ticket in my grubby little hand for a midnight showing next Wednesday night. Yet I had been blissfully unaware of the scene described up until this point.

On preview, thank you, Mahaloth, for your explanation and your request.

The key word is “officially released”. Someone taping a promo reel surreptitiously with a camcorder and then putting it on Usenet is not an “official release”.

That being said, the footage is available ifn you want to see it. And since the lack of spoiler warning was bemoaned before, I shall put a non-clickable link inside a spoiler window (besides, I think the spoiler tag is neato).

See Yoda whip out his saber and kick quite a lot of ass here: http://www.episode-x.com/episode2/index.php

Thanks all.

I stand corrected in my belief that no such official trailer exists, though as Max kindly points out, it had not been released yet.

(Anyone know what it’ll be showing with? Hopefully this weekend, yes?)
And Incubus, m’man, it’s no big. But in the future, please understand that spoilers really suck for some people, even if you think it’s no big deal.

To me, the trailer in the bootleg footage looks like something Lucasfilm would only release after the premiere of Episode II. It’s the kind of footage they wouldn’t want the general public to see until the initial rush was over. I wouldn’t expect to see it anywhere for at least a week. The length of the trailer suggests that it’s intended for television rather than the theater; just keep your eyes peeled.

How is this a spoiler?
I have an .avi of the trailer sitting on my PC at home. It was emailed to me, but I assumed it was taken from starwars.com – there is text (something like “This summer’s biggest action hero”, IIRC, and then Yoda doing some awesome acrobatic swordfighting. Hasn’t this trailer been shown in theatres yet?

Who didn’t know that Yoda was going to be involved in light-sabre fights as far back as last year? Maybe we should have sliding-scale spoiler-warnings:

One that gives away a genuine surpise element. (IE- coming out of the theatre on release-day of ESB saying “Wow! Darth Vader is Luke’s Father!” to anyone within earshot.)

One that is common knowledge to geeks and fans, but may be a surprise to the casual movie-goer, (IE- Boba Fett is a clone of his “father”, Jango Fett, and not only that, but…)

One that is really only a surprise to incredibly unobservant people, (IE- Things get mushy between Aniken and Padme!)

The “spoiler” in the OP is clearly of the second kind – I’ve been hyped to see Yoda battling it out for over a year – because I’m a pitiful geek. :o

Larry, a few points.

Firstly, as has been established, the trailer has not been shown in theaters yet.

Secondly, not just hard-core fans read this forum. Spoilers are spoilers, even if only the mundanes are surprised. It seems lno is not a normal, and yet he didn’t know about the duel.

Thirdly, many people assumed Yoda would be busting ass. Few, if anyone, actually knew this.

And fourthly, friendly advice: don’t try to outgeek anyone. The very fact that you didn’t know the Yoda trialer hadn’t been released indicates that you’re not a pitiful in your geekitude as you think. There actually are Comic Book Guys out there who’ll whup your ass no matter how much a phan you are. Remember, there’s always a bigger fish. :wink:
(And Max, I reckon you’re right. Fodder for the Celebration folks, but not fit for mass consumption for a few weeks. Makes sense.)

I never claimed to be an Ubergeek. In fact, I always feel slightly better about myself when folks talk about stuff the from novels… I love Star Wars, but I’m a literature snob-- I can’t abide lousy writing, so I can’t bring myself to read that tripe.

(Go ahead, flame me. Geeks.) :wink:

I still don’t think it’s any surprise that we get to see a fightin’ Yoda. He’s a freakin’ Jedi Master-- you know he’s not gonna sit around with his wee thumb up his bum. Don’t ya?

This trailer is not going to be officially released in Theatres. It’s a fun thing they did for the Celebration thingy last weekend only, made to parody the Spider-Man teaser trailers, and shown to the fans who already had knowledge of the scene’s existence in the movie.

Probably it’ll be on the DVD, though. Along with a load of other fun things.

Sith Badguy thought bubble:

“Note to self: avoid combat with two foot tall puppets. If you win, all the other Sith pairs say it was only a puppet. If you lose, then they say you lost to a puppet. Not to mention that you’re bantha fodder.”

lno is not a normal?!?!?!

good grief andros, you’ve ruined lno for me.