You Are A Billionaire - Want A Chauffeur?

You have far too much money, have a cleaning staff, gardeners, cook, personal trainer, personal stylist and a few other assorted employees for your mansion.
Would you want a personal chauffeur?

Yes. As long as it’s long and black and somebody else is driving it, it doesn’t matter what kind it is.


Yeah, I stupidly put this in the wrong forum - should be Humble Opinion. If a Mod could move this, I would be grateful and they can borrow my chauffeur for a week as a thank you.
I guess I was napping in the back of my limo and the mouse slipped…


Were I a billionaire I’m sure I would own a fancy exotic supercar to zoom around in for fun, but for everyday going-here-and-there, no fucking way I’m driving myself. If I could afford to not have to deal with traffic and idiot drivers, I would, in a heartbeat. I’ve never understood why celebrities drive themselves, especially when they go out to clubs and parties and keep getting DUI’s.

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I don’t understand rich people who get DUIs.

Absolutely. I hate driving.

Absolutely. She/he should have training from the best defensive driving course in the world, of course.

Only for when I’m going out to dinner and a club or something or I’m in a hotel in a big city I’m not familiar with. Otherwise, I’ll drive my my fleet most of the time.

I picked yes, but I mean yes for about 90% of the time. If I’m going through the drive-through at McDonald’s, I can drive myself.

I don’t drive at all, so being hugely wealthy would make my life easier. Even if I did drive, I’d try to employ as many people as I could afford.

There are times when I’d like to go out, but I know I have a 20-mile drive home so I don’t go mad with the consumption. It would be nice to have a driver.

But I voted No. If I was a billionaire I’d just get a hotel room if I was ‘partying’. For me, what’s the use of having nice cars if I let someone else drive them? I want to drive them myself. (And for a long trip, I’d take my plane or helicopter. :wink: )

No, I get car sick.

Yeah, I can hang with being driven around.

I’m one of those people who is always doing the driving (I do enjoy it) and also always has to go home at the end of the night (pets) so it’s a real treat for me now when I don’t have to drive and when I am able to over-the-limit drink.

I would definitely hire one, but I wouldn’t use the limo *all *the time. Because I’d have a couple sporty cars and motorcycles, and I looove the wind in my hair on a summer day.

I’d want a driver. I might not always choose to have somebody else drive my car but I’d want to have the option.

Billionaire, with a ‘b’? I think I’d have a chauffeur, of a sort. If I were going to a restaurant downtown, where it’s hard to find parking, it would be nice to be dropped off right in front and then call for a pickup later. And I’d let him do the mundane stuff like washing the cars or taking them to the mechanic. Wouldn’t be a bad job, really.

I’d still drive myself lots of other times, too.

Yes, I’d have someone do most or all of my driving for me. My eyesight is getting worse, so I rarely drive at night.

I probably wouldn’t have someone whose only job was to drive me around because I don’t go out that much. I’d just make sure that a few of my staff were good drivers, and were available to drive me whenever and wherever.

I chose “other” because if I hit the megalottery I wouldn’t need a chaffeur - I’d be buying that townhouse or PH triplex apartment in Manhattan I’ve always dreamed about and would practically not need a car at all. I could take taxis everywhere if I wanted to, and for the occasions that I needed a car, I’d still prefer to drive it myself.

Or more likely, taking one of my fleet of motorcycles!