YOU are in charge!! What new laws will there be?

It’s not so much new laws we need as old ones being eliminated or revised. Here in UK;

  1. Legalize all forms of drugs 'cause people are going to take them anyway so at least you have a handle on who is taking them and can plan rehab etc. if required
  2. Allow bars/shops etc. to open whenever they want
  3. Bring back the death penalty
  4. Make trade unions illegal
  5. Abolish the monarchy
  6. Completely overhaul the political system. Require government officials to be hired based on their ability, not along party lines. Abolish the house of lords, government or monarchy ordained titles and lots more things I can’t think of right now.
  7. Abolish censorship and institute new laws to give us genuine freedom of speech
  8. Legalize prostitution for the same reason I’d legalize drugs

Thats off the top of my head

I will be able to take my dog everywhere. He’ll come to work with me, and afterwards we’ll go shopping. They’ll have a vendor in the food court at the maul that sells pet treats. I’ll have a peanut butter ice cream while he has a couple of peanut butter treats. Then we’ll go browse the shoe stores.

Everybody will be able to buy beer on Sunday, even if you live below the bible belt.

I would make prostitution something that was ran by the state. In State run facilities. All prositutes will be tested for stds regularly. Some of the funds can go to help our school systems. ANy one found prostituting out of a state run facility is in big doo doo.

Immeditate lethal injection for people who molest children, rape, toture animals or humans, and murderers.

I find it ironic that when we are in charge we are making rules for how the electoral process will work, but hey, count me in!

The electoral process will work like the Eurovision. If you do badly, you don’t get to play next time. In other words, partys that do not keep the promises given to voters in the run up to an election do not get to be in the election next time round. This would mean that the election promises would be more realistic and would have a garuntee. Voters would also know what they were voting for.

Private healthcare would exists, but under the auspices of the state, with the profits being funneled back into the system.

What more, I usually have about 20 million of these when I am arguing with people… I will be back as I come up with more.

  1. Death penalty ended; life w/out parole takes its place
  2. Drug users treated as health problem, not crime problem
  3. Life without parole for: child molester, 1st offence; rapist, 2nd offence (incl. date rape);
  4. Attempted murder sentencing the same as murder sentencing (it is beyond me why we should treat someone who tried to kill someone differently than someone who succeeded in killing someone) .
  5. Jail time for littering
  6. SUVs treated as cars regarding fuel standards, emissions requirements.
  7. Reasonable gun control, must be liscensed, if an adult stores a gun in such a way that a child gets access to it and commits a crime, the adult goes to jail.
  8. Police officers and prosecutors who knowingly falsely accuse and prosecute citizens go to jail. Their sentence is the length of the potential sentence of the falsely accused.

Anyone caught talking on their cellphone while driving will immediately have their car/truck/suv confiscated and their cell phone shoved into their “out” hole.

I want people in gangs to be required to take shooting lessons so they can get rid of themselves, and stop shooting bystanders.

[slight hijack]Why does it always seem like whenever two vehicles collide as a result of a drunken driver, it is the innocent driver who’s killed? Sorry, I should be more forgiving, but I have absolutely no tolerance for drivers who irresponsibly get behind the wheel of their automobile after drinking and put everyone on the road at mortal risk. I know accidents happen even under the most optimum circumstances, but it particularly pisses me off when I hear about repeat DWI offenders killing innocents.[/slight hijack]

Follow up question: Why do people assume that when two vehicles collide and one is driven by a driver of the legal blood alcohol limit, it is automatically assumed to be the drunk driver’s fault? Who knows how many innocent drunk drivers have been killed or maimed by little old ladies on their way to a church social. You don’t see anyone doing anything about that though do you.

All evidence can be used in a court case. If the evidence was gathered illegally it can be used after the people who collected it are convicted of whatever crime was commited in collecting the evidence.

  1. Anyone double parking on [a particular, major thoroughfare in Toronto that shall remain nameless] during rush hour may be beaten by other motorists.

  2. Any driver who does not get out of the way of an ambulance or other emergency vehicle – or worse – who takes advantage of the fact that everyone else is clearing the street for the ambulance, may be beaten by other motorists.

  3. People who still use Outlook, still don’t bother to get proper anti-virus software, and who still open e-mail attachments from unknown sources because “it might be funny” are forbidden from procreating.

  4. It is a felony to broadcast any show that features Bob Saget. (Bob Saget may be beaten by other motorists.)

[continuation of slight hijack] One of the happiest people I know died in a drunk driving accident in which he was the drunk driver. The other guy just had a broken leg. So sometimes they do kill themselves. [/cosl]

Back to the OP:

Driving more than five miles above the posted speed limit is right out. The speed limit will be posted once every two miles so there will be no “But I didn’t know” excuses. Exceptions will be made for emergency vehicles.

Blocking the way of said emergency vehicles results in your license being revoked for one year and a firm swift blow to the head.

  1. Reasonable gun control…if one person can lift and fire it, it’s legal!

  2. No more elections…once each party picks a candidate they settle it with battleaxes on the first Tuesday in November.

  3. No Garth Brooks. Ever. Period.

  4. Finally, and this is stolen directly from Mojo Nixon, if they card you in a liquor store and you’re old enough to buy it, you get it free!

I’d like to reinstate the fuedal system, just because I want to be the subject of a peasant uprising. What a cool thing!! Disgruntled commoners!! On that thread, give the Monarchy divine providence and abolish the Government. sends England back into the dark ages

If the above are not possible…

There can only be twenty universities in Britain. Courses can not include such drossery as ‘Beckhamology’, and ‘The Simpsons’. Additionally, everyone is forced to study logics and ethics to give them some basis upon which to form their opinions rather than simply accepting things as they come along.

Ban all tabloids. If you can’t understand a broadsheet, you aren’t important enough for it to matter. ← (excuse for moral outrage)

Bring back corporal punishment in schools. Everyone to get spanked once a term regardless of behaviour, just so they know what a little of what it’s going to be like if they do something really bad. Small children to get spanked too, because they’re so annoying. Spank prisoners too, and CLARAs. (Central Lane Resident’s Association - people who do 60 in the middle lane of a motorway). If they like it, chop their legs off.

Any teenager who shaves their head and wears adidas trousers to be dunked in tar. If they have one earing, walk with a swagger, and end every sentence in a swear word, they will be left in it.

Mushrooms to be banned.

Anyone who suggest spelling ‘socks’ as ‘sox’ in a thread about imaginary laws to be prime candidate for involuntary euthanasia program.

Everyone who can’t spell ‘to’, ‘too’ or ‘two’ (or ‘their’, ‘they’re’ or ‘there’ for that matter) will be forced to communicate in semaphore until they learn. Similarly, everyone using sms-abbreviations in email to have three fingers removed.

Hunting via archery to be legalised.

Vast quantities of Mongolian Sheep to be imported.

William Morris curtains to be exiled to Spain.

More castles to be built with attached titles!! :smiley: (I really want to be the Margrave of something).


I’m surprised half of you haven’t been pitted already! mentioning no names, Omnipresent.


Originally posted by Zenpea:

Ever tried to read a Guardian in the middle seat on a train/plane?

Everyone who tests out as a jerk gets thrown off a cliff.

Anyone who insults or shoves (unprovoked) on public transit get thrown off a cliff.

Soft rock is straight out (I have to listen to it at work).

The government must import at least 20 cooks who know how to make real Southern barbeque to Toronto.

Access to cheap Vegemite anywhere in the world to be declared a universal human right.

Beer too.

4 wheel drive vehicles to be banned in urban areas.

Traffic cops to no longer concentrate on speeding slightly over the limit, and to focus their attention on drivers who are simply arseholes.

All “nanny state” laws repealed.

Drugs decriminalised. People who deal to kids locked up forever.

Bad wine outlawed.

I was relieved to see that you are from GB and not the U.S.
:confused: [sup]Did someone say something about 13-17 y.o.s given the vote? Wait till you’re a little older and then think about that one[/sup]

Would they have to study spellings as well? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Kniz The 13-17 year olds getting the vote makes sense. Some things really affect them and they have no say… even writing lots of letters doesn’t work. Any who really are ready to vote will do so, and the ones who aren’t won’t care enough to do so. There was a number of times when I was that age when I wished I could vote to have my say. And now that I can I take the opportunity to do so.