You Are Invited To The SDMB Potluck!


Did somebody in a sit-com have a wife or girlfriend nicknamed Peaches…?

My first through was Buddy Sorrell, but his wife was Pickles.

Carry on.

I can bring some salmon candy. And maybe a chocolate fountain with long stem strawberries and other fresh fruits for dipping.

I think there was a character named Peaches in John Waters’ “Pink Flamingos”, but that’s a movie best left dimly remembered. :face_vomiting:

Flour or corn? These sound very tasty with a flour tortilla; I’m not sure I’d be a fan with corn.

I will stay well clear of anything with peaches or rhubarb.

:: shudder ::

Flour!! (I only buy the flour ones)

Flour. You start with a large burrito tortilla. I personally hate salmon, so mine get made with deli meats/cheeses instead.

If you have access to a freshly HOMEMADE corn tortilla, don’t pass it up… heaven. You can get them in many restaurants in San Antonio now. Nothing like the ones packed in plastic.

Just like homemade bread right out of the oven can’t be compared favorably to store-bought, plastic-bagged bread that’s been sitting on a shelf (or your kitchen counter) for a few days.

I will remember this. We have a Mexican restaurant we like. I’ll bet they can make fresh corn tortillas.

Oh, baby… make sure they’re hot, spread with butter and sprinkle a tiny bit of salt all over. Roll up and devour… mmmm

Now I want some.

According to family and friends, I am required to bring cookie and bar platters, so:
Chocolate chip cookies
Gooey butter cookies
Millionaire bars
Lemon bars
Raspberry shortbread bars

I do pinwheels two different ways - one with cream cheese, diced chilis or jalapenos, and diced olives on plain flour tortillas or cream cheese, thinly sliced roast beef, thinly sliced swiss, and butter lettuce on something like a sun dried tomato tortilla.

They should really market large rectangular tortillas for this.

I have an old “Mexican casserole” recipe that uses flour tortillas and is layered like lasagna. Square or rectangular tortillas would be perfect for that!

I’ve made Mexican Lasagna and it was great!

I’ll flash back to the early 80s and bring a Taffy Apple Salad. You couldn’t go to a potluck back then without encountering at least one bowl of the stuff.

I spread my Flour tortilla with cream cheese then add pastrami, diced green chilis and black olives before I roll them up.

So good.

Hot dish and arepas.

Is anyone bringing lutefisk??



Haven’'t seen it.mentioned yet so I’ll volunteer. I’m bringing the liquor.

16 Gross of Escargot, 14 kegs of my Snapper Pale Ale (an Over-hopped Sierra Nevada clone that will leave you sock-less).