You asked for it! Introducing... the Barf Smilley!

Check it out by clicking here!
Is there any way to make this become a real official smiley? Mods, admins, can anyone help?

I know there are a lot of requests for it with all the holiday glurge posted.

hey, it’s kinda cute, can we get a devil smiley too?


just my 2% of a dollar:

I think either the puke or the face needs to be another color. It’s hard to tell what it is–if you hadn’t told me, I would never have guessed.


personally, I think they should fix the blush smiley. It looks silly, like it’s yawning.

And there needs to be an “evil grin” smiley.

There needs to be a pimp smiley. Its the funniest thing ive ever seen:) Id show it except the site I see it with is down or something:(

Personally, I’m not fond of any of the insult smilies, but if you like that sort of thing there’s a better example on
OpalCat’s message board :barf: and :flame: at

We’ll take all your smiley submissions into consideration, as long as they’re original and not someone else’s copyrighted property.

I’m the admin in charge of smileys, we’re running a bit behind on 'em, please be patient.

At the same time I need to tell you that while this is in the ballpark, it’s still a bit fuzzy and indistinct. It needs to be sharpened up before we consider putting it on the site.

your humble TubaDiva

Nice idea red_dragon! I had a go at tarting it up a bit… I made the eyes more sunken, the face a pale green, the vomit contrasts more and is slightly more splashy.

Hm, that doesn’t seem to work… click here instead.

I like, reuben. My only bitch is that the eyes should be level, not looking up. Trust me on that one!

Red and Ruben, congrats both are good shots. Having the contrast really helps, I’ll leave the eyes up to the TM’s.

I still want a tongue-out-the-side-of-the-mouth drooling smilie for cooking or more lacivious connotations.

Boosting, since barf smilies are on a related thread today.
Request for a new smilie -Fenris

I’ve e-mailed mine to Tuba…mine doesn’t actually show the barfing, it’s more of an “after” picture.