You blithering fuckwit!

Well there is definately a blithering fuckwit in this thread and it is not Cuncatator…

Jesus H. Christ, you’re whining about somebody taking “umbrage” at a fire drill? Whats next? You gonna implore us to think of the children?

Did he pay for the umbrage, or did he just take it? Cuz if he just took it, I can see how you would be upset and all. That’s theft!

Actually you posted:



All of which clearly imply that the fire drill was ignored.

Clearly you owe someone an apology.

If he puts the umbrage back where he found it, will that satisfy you? :cool:

ewwwwwwwww. Used umbrage. Gross!

It’s completely umbrageous.

Consider also, consider also, consider also …
God damn it! I have had it up to HERE -------------> (imagine an appropriate gesture) with overuse of a word or phrase within the same OP/reply!

God damn it! I’m a Doper, not a thesaurus! Find your own substitute phrases!

God damn it! On top of the lack of imagination in word choice, the OP is a lame Pitting!

God damn it! I feel like running this into the ground just for the hell of it!



Your OP, as glee points out, clearly implies that he ignored the drill.

If you want to start a Pit thread about people who actually ignore fire drills, go right ahead. I’m sure most of us would agree with you. But that’s got nothing to do with what Cunctator’s post was about.

Personally, I think a calm descent of the staircases, facing forward and in an orderly manner, is the best way to evacuate a dangerous situation.

Quartz’s demonstration of his backpedalling technique is unconvincing. I mean, you’d keep hitting the railing and missing the turns and what good will that do anybody?

You stupid god-damn fucking bitchwich. Did your two function brain cells actually get together and have a thought? A once in a decade occurance and you waste it on this fucking bullshit?

You better be able to link to a chart, showing pissed off rates and how they have climbed recently or you can just go to hell.

Anybody else want to make a poo joke about evacuation?


With a drill? :eek: :smiley:

Fire at will! :smiley:

why? what did he do?

Wouldn’t let Jean-Luc beam down, if you know what I mean… :dubious:

so that was why Number One took the bridge.

Oh, come on. This thread is perfectly understandable.

You should never pause to gather supplies in a fire drill. If it were a real fire, and he’d stopped to take umbrage, he would have put people’s lives in danger!

And besides, you should always take your own umbrage with you whenever you go out. You never know, it might rain and pour.

Can I use this thread to take umbrage at people who pit people who take umbrage? Yes?

OK then. Quartz, I am umbraged.



Is there any umbrage left, or has it all been taken? I might like to take me some umbrage, but my mother always taught me never to take the last umbrage as it’s impolite.