You boys and your creature comforts!

We’ve had a bad week at the bot household. Mr. bot’s ex died on Monday (it took her 30+years to drink herself to death, but by golly she pulled it off!) This left my step-daughters without a mother, and my eldest step-daughter is disabled, profoundly retarded; with hearing and vision limitations. Just for shits and giggles she also has OCD, so she likes everything her way and NOW!!! She is now living with us full time, and she’s adapted quite well to the change. I’m rather proud at how strong she’s been in the face of losing her mother.

Mr. bot had to drive to Southern Cali to pick up his daughter, an 8 hour trip one way. He and my stepdaughter arrived home last night, I helped Traci unpack and sort some of her things out. Just now I asked Mr. bot “Can I get you anything sweetie?” He replied, a glass of wine, pizza and a BJ, not necessarily in that order.

You boys never grow up, do ya? God bless you everyone!

Well, don’t keep us in suspense, what did he want on the pizza?

Mushroom and pepperoni. How kinky!

My 40th is next week and my girlfriend asked if there was anything I wanted. I gave the exact same answer as your husband!

Except for the wine and pizza.

Cellguy, you might find the wine goes just dandy with the BJ. Just sayin’