My Daughter's Arrival Day

Open Letter To The Fem-Bot, otherwise known as Cartooniverse’s daughter:

Dearest Fem-Bot,

Ten years ago today, we waited at LaGuardia Airport for you to arrive from South Korea. Since the moment your small, darling, incredibl jet-lagged personne was placed into my arms, I’ve been in love.

I love your spirit, your smarts, your empathy, your old soul trapped in a small girl’s body, your sense of humor, your incredibly fine motor coordination and your mirthfulness.

You are kind, fair and beautiful. You’re a tomboy and I adore that, you’ve always been so tough that prepping you for the real world has been a bit easier than it might have been. You’ve got good friends who are boys and girls, you dont’ care if you are Miss Popular and would rather hang with the right kids than the cool kids.

You’re in love with music and sports and sleeping way too late, and life itself.

I love that you talk to me about dying, and school, and the shock of growing boobs, and why that is a DUMB thing to have happen, and how happy you are that you were chosen quarterback on the recess football team ( ONLY girl on the team !! )

I love you as I loved you ten years ago today, when I first took you into my arms. You’re huge now, and haven’t hit a big growth spurt yet. You’ll always have the first place in my heart, and my arms, and I love you fiercely.


With any luck you’re showing this to her.

Wow. If my dad ever wrote or said something like that, I’d be reduced to a blubbering bafoon.

Well said, dad.


Wow - she sounds almost as perfect as mine! Congrats all around! I’m sure she thinks you’re the bestest dad in the whole world… at least until the dreaded teen years!


I’m very happy that you found each other!


Dear Fem-Bot,
Tonight would be a good time to ask Daddy for just about anything your darling heart desires.

::: Notices Toon’s glaring over my way:::

Oh um, lovely love letter Toon’s. Hugs and high fives all around as appropriate. May the next ten be just as exciting and end with just as lovely a letter.

Very nice, TOON; your daughter’s lucky to have such a great dad. :slight_smile:


Absolument parfait. Ta lettre à ta fille est la definition de l’amour.

Et à Abby: Bonne chose qu’elle n’est pas 16 maintenant!

[sub]Sometimes the English just doesn’t work. English translation:

Absolutely perfect. Your letter to your daughter is the definition of love.

And to Abby: Good thing she isn’t 16 now![/sub]

You know, I agree with punha, but I can’t think of anythng more to say in French! It is a beautiful language, though… I could go for Spanish or Italian, but I don’t know those very well!

Toons, what a lovely letter! I hope you do show that to your daughter, so she’ll know just what you think of her!

As for football-playing girls, they absolutely kick ASS! (I should know; my sister played football on her high school girls’ team in Gr. 11 and 12, and managed to whup everyone else’s butt into shape)

That was really beautiful.

Darn, my mascara is running.

But it’s on the wrong board–that’s about as far from Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share as you can get!

Thank you so much for sharing this glimpse into your life and family. Bright blessings and great joy to you and yours.

Dammit, there’s too much dust in this thread.

I got something in my eye.

Those aren’t tears, it’s just too dusty here. Doesn’t anyone clean these threads about how much parents love their kids?

Who do I complain to about this?