You bunch of suckups!

If someone posts something in a wrong thread, why do ‘members’ have to say “this really belongs in…” or “well this is really a …”.

Do you think the moderators won’t pick up on that? Do you think they say “oh… so and so said this belongs here. I better do it. Oh, and he/she gets a cookie”. Do you think that if you don’t say that but still post in the thread that you are condoning it? It’s just plain sucking up and brown nosing. Is it like the opposite of a demerit? If you do that, then you are allowed one fuckup without getting a warning or yelled at? Are you audtioning for a job? Is it to show how much of a regular you are and thus your opinion or answer carries more weight?

This doesn’t apply to the OP.

Now some moron will go through and find a case where I did it. :smiley:

No more caffeine for you, my friend. Can’t you have a bitch about something slightly more earth shattering?

Not really caffeine as much as bourbon.

I agree with the OP. I think it’s a little condescending of members to say, “Well, actually, this would be more appropriate wherever.” Just saying it isn’t going to make it come true. I think that it is a superfluous comment, and while the world may not necessarily be a better place without it, it certainly isn’t encouraged by me.

It also serves as an early warning to new people that the thread is about to be moved. If they have already been notified that it might be moved, they are less likely to show up in ATMB or here screaming that “Someone deleted my thread!” once it has been moved. A new person who has not figured out which Forum should receive their post is unlikely to scroll the whole Forum for the thread that indicates where it will go (especially as the moderators, driven mad by tedium, have begun giving the “moved thread” posts ever more creative titles.)

I had this same bitch only a few weeks ago. Over here Lynn Bodoni spoke up that she thought the practice was good.

I still think the line between smarmy and helpful is fine, but I can the points saying why it might be alright.

[quoteIf someone posts something in a wrong thread, why do ‘members’ have to say “this really belongs in…” or “well this is really a …”.[/quote]

'Cuz sometimes a person will, A. Post in the wrong forum (a blatantly obvious IMHO in GQ, for instance), or B. A newbie won’t know the appropriate place to post it (for example, when I was new, I posted my Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer thread in GQ… it was then moved to GD, then ultimately to IMHO). If we waited for moderators to do everything… well… new folk would never pick up on the nuances of the Boards.

But I agree with CNote… oftentimes, there’s a lot of “This belongs in IMHO” when, in fact, that’s not necessarily true. But the worst is when someone says, “This belongs in the Pit”, and then deliberately begins flaming someone in an attempt to make their prediction comes to pass.

We get cookies?!?

Fuck you you Fascist mods! Stop Bogarting the Keeblers!

Mmmm… Keeblers…

I agree with the OP completely. Of course that doesn’t stop me from doing it all the time.

I think its so that all we lowly “members” can prove that we too can be “fascist moderators” with the right training.

Ok, if someone is new, then I can agree.

But I’ve seen references like “mods?-this belongs in such and such”. It’s like the kid who reminds the teacher they forgot to collect the homework.