You can call me ellen-oh, or you can call me noem

Or you can even call me el-no. But not eye-no, nor in-oh, nor eye-en-oh.

l understand that this is due to fonts. l don’t take any of this personaIIy, since lno by itseIf over on the Ieft side of the screen aImost Iooks Iike a sans-serif version of Ino. What confuses me, though, is when peopIe quote me, but stiII have

in their post. ls the vBuIIetin software pIotting against me? TruIy, a diIemma.

lt makes me wonder if this problem is pureIy specific to me. Does this happen to other peopIe on a daiIy basis, where peopIe confuse I and l? lf so, poor UkuIeIe lke shouId be apopIetic with rage.

Or is this a gueriIIa movement to get me to change back to LNO? l won’t, and you can’t make me. l’m much too Iazy to return to my originaI name. Not gonna happen.

This doesn’t quite make my rage burn with the fires of a miIIion suns, nor even simmer with the rage of overcooked pasta. l’ve resigned myseIf to the fact that l’ll have to accept this.


At least it’s only your handle. I’ve got online people forever calling me LANNA.

Thats truly baffIing. L dont have any idea how something Iike that couId’ve happened.

Iooks around

(god, this is awfuI.)

See how much this flusters me? I said l’ll when I meant to say l’II.

I hate you all.



I even go by this in chat now (long-ish story). N, then H. No “the” in my name. no “iamapauanahaha”.

iampunha. very simple. i-am-pun-ha. If I ever change it, it’ll be to simply punha, at which point Jonathan Chance and all you other stringent folks (;)) can drop the apostrophe:)

What’s happening is some poor sod has copied and pasted your comment into a reply box, instead of hitting the quote button, and then, in a feat of pure, anadulterated FRAUD, manually inserts the

Originally posted by

line, but mangles your name when he types it in.

You see, folks, this is what happens when you try to be clever. The world would be better off if we were all dumb.

What a baby.

Try explaining why people see “Bryan” and think (and write) “Brian”.

You can be my bodyguard
And I can be your long lost bro’
And I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me ellen-oh!

You guys have weird user names. You’re evil. ALL OF YOU!!!

Tell the story! Tell the story of the name! Go on Uncle lno!

Similar problem to yours. My middle name is a family name from, oh, a few hundred years or so, from about the 1750s to the early 1900s. It is a variation on Brian, and every year the uncle of mine (father’s side, which is the same as the side the name’s on) who does the calender messes up my middle name, and for YEARS we would write and say “here is how you spell my middle name.”

We just plumb fucking gave up because every year he fucked it up.

Can’t you just change the capitalization when you log in, instead of going through the hassle of an official name change? I thought we could do that…we used to be able to do that…didn’t we?

Hmm…well, I guess not.

Strangely, I “hear” that as i-am-punya. As if it were Portuguese.

Which is very strange, as I don’t even speak Portuguese!


Almost fergot.

I may have a weird username that even moderators can’t spell, but…

I’m allowed to post on the patriarch message board;)

::not running away. Already out of thr–::

For those who missed the first telling of the story, and missed the second telling of the story, and somehow also missed the third telling of the story

…the story’s told at any of those links. Piece together all of it, and you’ll get it.

It really is funny. Honestly.

Yay the story! (It’s better told in real time)

Lo! New Olf!

While we’re on minor (or major) username annoyances here, I’d like to say that my username is NOT associated in any way with flaming people or being flamed! It does not have anything to do with drumming, either. In case you missed the explanation, it is given here.

lno, how’s about this for a mnemonic?

Lemons, Not Oranges

(though I did like the story, by the way :slight_smile: )

Why aren’t you allowed to post on Patriarch?

BTW, what is the POINT of your username? It’s a booger one! You’re a booger!


You think people calling you “Brian” is strange?