You down with OPP? (Old People's Problems) Then post them here

As you get older…things happen. Hot flashes, Colonoscopies, Funerals, Financial Planning, Hair in weird places.

This is the thread to kvetch about it. There are things in my life that I’d like to discuss and can’t really at home, at work, with my he-man-woman-hater guy friends. And I’m hoping you’re dealing with them too.

Be kind. This is not the thread to say ‘heh, that sucks, I don’t HAVE that problem!’ It MAY be the thread to say ‘Dude, see a doctor/lawyer/priest’ but be tactful about it.

Heavy old-people-topics start with the next post.

I’ve developed a bad pain in the knuckle of my index finger and I dread that it might be arthritis. My poor mom starting having arthritis when she was about fifty. I’m sixty-five, so I suppose I’ve been lucky. But I don’t want to have crippled hands like she had. And it’s pointless to go to a doctor because he’d tell me to take NSAIDs, and I can’t, because they eat holes in my stomach. Crap.

My Dad died when I was 34…I wasn’t in the same town when it happened. There was sickness and complications then he ‘died peacefully in his sleep’

My father in law passed peacefully in his sleep last week, due to complications due to Alzheimer’s. When he passed, they’d just started to administer morphine to ‘help him breathe’…and while I’m sure it did - end stage Alzheimer’s includes muscle degradation and he was having a hard time swallowing and breathing…I’m sure it helped with the pain…but that wasn’t the real reason it was being administered.

Death happens in a person’s life so rarely that there’s subtle things surrounding it that people really don’t experience. I suspect I’ll be experiencing more of it going forward.

We already had a friend, younger than us, die from a completely curable form of cancer, because she didn’t want people ‘seeing her down there’. Such a senseless loss.

I get that. There’s also the potential hypochondria…OMG, is my mind going? No…it’s just being cooped up in a house during COVID.

I’ve got planar faciitis. I was REALLY worried about it until my boss said…
‘yup…I’ve had it for years…I just stretch it out every morning on the way to the bathroom and cope…get some Dr. Sholls insoles.’

Plantar facitis that comes and goes.

Lately when I do pushups my left elbow clicks after about a dozen of them, so I try to experiment with the angle of my left arm so that I can cause the elbow not to click.

Which may end up with an entirely different repetitive strain injury!

I can’t really do bench presses anymore, because I tore up my rotator cuff a little, and don’t want to deal with surgery and PT…Went to a friend’s Intro to Pilates (she’s the instructor) and was SHOCKED when she said, slow down, don’t go crazy, you’re not supposed to be killing snakes…and damn if it wasn’t a really good near-zero-impact workout.

Oh…and my blood pressure’s up again…I’m wondering if it’s the 4 hours sleep, my Father passing, the exercise from clearing out his (very cigarette smoky)
house OR the crappy food I’ve been eating because there’s no time to cook?

I never knew that trigger finger was something other than what gunslingers use to fire their weapon.

I have what I believe may be trigger finger in my right thumb. The end joint pops when I bend it, but isn’t yet locked in place. My entire right thumb is arthritic and painful at this point. I have an appointment to see if I can at least get a steroid injection. My left knee is also acting up, but I really don’t want to be dealing with replacement surgery at age 75. Same goes for thumb surgery, really. But hell, I get sharp pains just from doing the crossword puzzle, let alone anything that involves putting strain against the lower joint. Stray hair growing in odd places is the least problematic thing for older folks.

For those who have plantar fasciitis, I urge you to see a podiatrist and have him/her take impressions of your feet for custom orthotics. I haven’t had a twinge in ten years since doing that, and my plantar’s was nearly crippling. And stay away from that over-the-counter crap and the high priced OTC crap that Good Feet sells. Some people get temporary relief from them, but it’s an ongoing drain on your wallet.

Other than that, I’m relatively healthy; or at least medicated so that I resemble someone who is relatively healthy.

I don’t know what the age limit is but I want to play! I recently had frozen shoulder, which is pretty much what it sounds like; my range of motion was close to nil by the time I had it treated, After a mandatory x-ray, cortisone injection (OUCH!) and a week of prednisone, it cleared up almost all the way. They emphasized the importance of physical therapy but I couldn’t afford it so just looked for the exercises on line. I’m about 99% recovered and my GP believes that’s about as good as it’s gonna get. A fifty+ year old shoulder is only going to be so good after years of wear and tear.

I’m also old enough to have gone through menopause if anyone wants to gripe about that :yum:

Frozen shoulder sucks. And you don’t even have to do anything boastworthy or physical to get it - they just freeze up for the hell of it. Both of mine froze up about ten years ago, and I did go through physical therapy, which was painful and boring. Eventually, though, the pain faded and I went back to normal. Took about a year and a half.

[quote=“teelabrown, post:2, topic:956002, full:true”]
And it’s pointless to go to a doctor because he’d tell me to take NSAIDs, and I can’t, because they eat holes in my stomach. [/quote]

I’m curious if you’ve tried stomach medicines to prevent this. I know that there are some versions of ibuprofen with stomach meds, but the main one I’m thinking about sucralfate, which coats your stomach and was used for ulcers before acid reducers were found.

I’ve found it helps with meds that would tear up my stomach. And all I had to do was suggest it to my doctor.

Dupuytren’s contractures, BPH, presbycusis, presbyopia, decreased proprioception, senile keratoses, auricular hirsutism, and a form of Tourette’s that has me saying “dagnabbit” far, far more than necessary.

Plus everything hurts to some extent.

But the most bitter consequence is the recent development of lactose intolerance after well over 6 decades of celebrating all things dairy. Oh well, I’ve got my lactase pills.

I thought I had my lactase pills, they were right here before. OMG, Wife! Have you see my lactase? No, dadgummit, not prophylactics, LACTASE!

Frozen shoulder with arthritis. Getting a new shoulder (at 54yo) this spring. Low testosterone, so pellets in my butt every six months. Luckily I was able to retire early from construction, because hands-on wasn’t happening anymore and being management pretty much sucks!

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When something goes wrong with your body and instead of thinking “how annoying, I hope that heals up fast” you think "I wonder if this is the first sign of … "

Interesting… my neighbor’s been having pain in her hips for a couple months now & last week went to the ER when her shoulders froze up. It was diagnosed as polymyalgia rhematica. Prednisone & PT are apparently the treatment. I mention this because until the neighbor and these last two posts, I’d never heard of these symptoms and suddenly, I find out they’re common!

I’m 39. I have early-onset arthritis in my lower back. It doesn’t hurt most of the time, but sometimes I have to use a back pillow.

I have tardive dyskinesia in my left hand.

Thanks, but I’d rather have a decent heating pad. Oh my neck, oh my back . . .

Forgot to mention cervical spondylosis. I refuse to get my lumbar region MRI’ed for fear of what I’ll find out.

One of us, one of us! I can eat a bit of ice cream, but I pay for it dearly. I can tolerate cheese to some extent. But a nice tall cold glass of milk. . .forget about it.

I find I can do ice cream, cheeses, yogurt without trouble. But I do so love my half and half in my AM coffee, and I’ve learned from bitter experience that is just a ̶N̶O̶ ̶G̶O̶ big mistake leading to lots of commode time within minutes of ingestion. Real steep learning curve there, I mastered the right dose at the right time quickly, due to dire necessity. The bidet was really an even greater blessing during that learning period.

Doubtless I’m still producing some of my own lactase, but I bet that gives out eventually too (another fun feature of old age, loss of this ability), and I’ll be totally supplement dependent.