You guys are damn funny

Ah, I see the hamsters were hungry again…

All right, which one of you jokers stole Opal’s post?

There is a time and a place for such antics, but this is not it.

I wonder if she meant funny “Ha ha” or funny as in “collects urine in jars and thinks strangers are moving the furniture around in the middle of the night”? I suppose we’ll never know now.

This loss of OP’s is fairly new, isn’t it? I don’t remember seeing it happen until recently…

There was a young person called Opalcat
Who decided to post for humorous chat
But the hamsters ate first
And that was the worst
'Cos then Cat ate the hamster. SPLAT

We’re so funny Opal forgot to laugh.

Sorry, I think my goat ran through the thread and ate the OP…

Maybe the dingo ate her OP.

I was reading about these new hamster-less servers. But I think they are the size of a garage and cost millions of dollars. But who knows maybe in twenty years…


"I was just reading the Page O Flames for the first time in a while and I about peed myself. If you haven’t read it recently, you really should. Some of the newer stuff is just screamingly funny.

And keep sending me submissions for the page! The “Page O Fools” in particular is a bit thin…"

I was just reading your Page 'O Funnies yesterday and laughed my butt off. I wish I knew who’d said a lot of that.

Heh. Thanks, Opal. I haven’t read those in a while either.

This cracked me up:

(From the Page O’ Fools)

Yeah, I don’t want to be extruded by gays!:smiley:

Is that still whooshing people? He was writing in the style of Dubya! In the name of heaven, he was writing in the style of Dubya! It’s Johnny L.A.! He’s actually a smart guy!

Doesn’t matter, it’s still funny, and it still fits with the ‘page o fools’ theme.

Huh? Wha…? Did I write something funny? (I didn’t do the Dubya thing.)

Eh? Whatever. With no context or author presented, I don’t consider myself whooshed.

Anyhoo, whoever did it, and whether or not it was satire, it’s still funny as hell.:slight_smile:

From the Page O’ Fools: " How can your butt bite of a terd, when it doesn’t have any teeth?"

That’s my favorite.

Oh my god, I nearly soiled myself.

And there are even a few of mine in there!

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I can’t deny the fact you like me – right now, you like me!"
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