You have $500,000 to spend on your body

And you can’t give it away or share with anyone. You don’t have to use it all but there is no merit in not using it all.

Would you get any surgery, procedure, training, modification, tattoos or body work done?
What would it be? You have to use all the money in two years so no “massages for life” answers.

A full set of dental implants to replace all my bad teeth.

Is $500K enough for a lab to grow me a few new livers?

Buy some high end vehicles I’ve always dreamed about.
I’ll do some traveling but I imagine it wouldn’t be a lot seeing as how I couldn’t offer to take some one with me all expenses paid.

It has to be spent on your body.

Maybe to get some on the black market…

Trainer, cook, and some spare time off work to work out more.

Oh and probably some laser surgery for scars and stuff.

Sorry, misread.

In that case, I got nothing.

Really? How old are you?

LASIK/PRK Surgery both eyes: ~$5k
Abs microliposuction/sculpting: $10k?
Permanent hair removal (you know where!): $2k?
Personal trainer and massage therapist for two years: $100k?
A little facial cosmetic surgery??

I’m out. I don’t see how you can spend $500k on your body in two years unless you want to turn your face into a freak show or have a real medical condition that needs to be treated.

Teeth, definitely. Not sure how much that would cover, so if there’s anything left over I might consider something to make my hair look full and natural for my age. As much as I’m not vain enough to have bothered doing anything about my hair until now, if the opportunity and money turned up I’d give it a red hot go.

I’d pay a doc to tell me I have bad knees and buy a vehicle to help preserve my knees.
Buy a house with a gym.
Get some mutts for my mental health because kids and mutts are awesome.
Get a tat on my forearm for my daughter to match the one for my son.
I’m sure I could find many ways to spend money to keep me mentally fit.

Become a really shitty Steve Austin.

Failing that, pay for a girl to seduce zoid, drug him, dump him in a bathtub full of ice. Then I got my liver(s) cheap.

Or get the Social Enhancer or the thing what sees through walls in Deux Ex.

I really can’t think of anything. I’m male pattern balding, but don’t have faith in the technology of transplants, nor would I want to take any drugs, so that’s out. I suppose I’ve never liked my jawline, but not enough to submit to surgery.

I’m in good physical shape, get lots of exercise, don’t need any joints replaced. Yeah. I’ll have to pass on that one.

Great question though, forcing myself to answer it made me appreciate what I’ve got.

Teeth, I would definitely fix my teeth.

Personal trainer and nutritionist, get into shape.

Then tats.

Have you thought this one through? Do you really want the liver of someone who says they need a replacement?

Get my eyes done with whatever the latest Lasik technology is. Some really nice veneers for my teeth after having all the remaining work done. Two years of massages every day.

$10,000 = Lasik Surgery (nothing but the best, naturally)
$14,500 = Gym membership + personal trainer (unsure of actual cost)
$2,500 = Dental work (mostly fillings) which has been delayed for years due to near-poverty conditions.

The remaining $473,000 to be spent on beer, chocolates, potato chips, energy drinks, ice cream sandwiches & candy bars to counterbalance the 2nd choice above. :cool:

Back surgery
Knee surgery
Dental implants
Eye surgery
Lipo (maybe)
Psych eval.(absolutely)

This. The most important.

Afterwards, I can worry about baldness, physical fitness, etc. and maybe clone a new, properly-shaped set of eyes as well.