You have GOT to be Kidding Me

Wow. Transphobic imagery and trolling, huh? Funny how in an IMHO thread, already replete with typically emotionally-charged liberal attacks on the POTUS, conservatives, et al. mod steps in to issue warning for this? Wow, just wow.

The only rule I found concerning jokes, in fact, the only place the word “joke” appears in the rules is regarding personal insults.

Two rules later, we see accusations of trolling are forbidden. I get called a troll after about half all the posts I’ve ever made on this forum!

I submit Mr. Denizen is the one who really deserves a warning for falsely accusing Mr. Mortiss a troll. It’s funny how rules, laws, etc. often get interpreted. A bit solipsistic methinks. :rolleyes:

This is the epitome of SDMB censorship.

If you get called a troll outside the Pit just report it.

As for the post in question, it was definitely out of line. I would have called misogynist since I think it was a jab at Hillary, not Michelle. But it was rather cryptic so who knows?

Mods get to use the T word wherever they see trolling occur.

ETA: Michelle is the one I’ve heard certain people call a man in a dress, even though I think she is gorgeous. I haven’t heard anyone say Hillary is really a man. Anyone, I think the modding was great in this case.

I thought the reference to a 1st lady with a penis was for Bill. This is a perfect example of the mindset - overlooking the blatantly obvious in search of an excuse for censorship. Bad mod!

I know that they have two letters in common, but joke and jerk are not the same th7ng.

Of course using the troll characterization is a perfect entry to censor the material. It has to actually BE trolling. Not the case here, obviously.

And all conservative truth is defined to be jerkish behavior. This particular “truth” is subjective, and the forum is IMHO. Don’t start another debate here.

Cop on. I’m not American or involved in your petty us versus them politics, and even I could see exactly where the origins of that supposed “joke” lay.

It wasn’t trolling, it was racist and deserved action to be taken.

cite? Where do you see racist?

Emphasis added. “First Lady”.

Like I said, it was cryptic. Best not to post cryptic shit and then later complain that no one understands it. Of course, the guy who actually posted it isn’t complaining. Just you.

From the guy who made the post in question:

I’m taking you off my ignore list for this thread. You have to be pre-disposed to a hostile response to think like that. Going from first lady with a penis referring to HILLARY vis-a-vis her as POTUS straight to Michelle or transgender ANYTHING is not jumping to conclusions. It is launching into orbit in search of a conclusion for censorship.

Read the words. Look at yourselves.

And you know why? Just take a wild-assed guess.

Because he was sincerely apologizing?

Nope, try again.

Maybe the alleged troll will chime in. Or ITD will appear to attempting to justify his action.

You’d really like to believe that, wouldn’t you?


You wouldn’t?

I’ll let the primary actors speak for themselves hereafter. My “opinion” is irrelevant. Not being a narcisstic bastard posting to puff my intellectual chest compels me to refrain.

OK :smack:

Mr. Mortiss didn’t contend this in his apology.