You have one wish....

Here are the rules. (My thread, my rules)

You get one wish… With this wish, you can do anything in the world that you want to do.

However, you cannot wish for

  1. more wishes.
  2. a large, fixed amount of money. - (wishing for a million dollars sounds great, but it can permit you to do a number of different things. I don’t want money to be a barrier. You get one shot, so if your wish costs $5 or $5 million, it doesn’t matter.)
  3. death on another person/group
  4. something that is illegal or immoral.
  5. things that are impossible. i.e., you can’t being grandma back to life if she is already gone. You can’t time travel, Marty McFly, or grant yourself x-ray vision, or be invisible, go through a black hole, etc.
  6. something that doesn’t have anything to do with YOU. For instance, you may want to wish to cure the world of bone cancer, but that’s not permitted. However, if you personally have a terminal illness, you can wish for that to be cured,
  7. you are permitted to do something that is for you and you alone. You must be selfish. Giving your wish away is not permitted,
    8). This wish is for you to do with as you want. Want to take that trip? Own a small island? (Not England or Japan or Manhattan… But some small deserted place in the South Pacific is fine.). Whatever you desire! (Fleur de Lis). Feel free to be selfish.
  8. you CANNOT wish to have sex with your dream girl/guy.
  9. this is not about making money or having a successful future. You can wish to star in a movie, but you can’t wish to be a movie star. One thing is a one shot deal, the other is a long-term wish. You also can’t wish for your favorite sports team to win a championship.
    I hope that gives us enough parameters. I’m sure someone will come up with something that doesn’t exactly fit, but i’m not grading you, so give it a shot. The biggest thing to remember is that the wish is for you and you alone. No one else but you should benefit. And you have an unlimited amount of funds to do whatever you want to do.
    With all that, what will it be?

I’ll go first.

I would like to take a trip to the moon, and walk on its surface. I would love to see an earth-rise. And I would like to return safety to Earth.

It’s been done before, so i know with unlimited funds and resources at my disposal, it could happen. And i don’t want to go to Mars because it would take too long.

You are up, Dopers!

Geez, loads of restrictions for phenomenal cosmic powers even in a teeny tiny living space.

I’d wish for a high profile and lucrative talent that can provide me wealth and fame for decades. To be the world’s greatest golfer of all time seems a safe bet. Lots of fresh air. I can win well into the end of my middle age. And I don’t have to play during storms if I’m the best, so no ironic wish-ruining bolts of lightning.

And I don’t even golf.

About the inability to “go through a black hole,” what if I wanted to be sucked into a black hole, spaghettification and all? Forget about WHY I want to die by black hole, maybe it’s an overly elaborate suicide or something, but would that be allowed? I’m just trying to understand the rules.

I wish for fewer wishes.

I wish to know what sort of answer the OP wants, what with all those qualifiers…


Hm. I probably broke all 10 rules with that one.

I wish that my son could find happiness in life. That would make me happier than anything I could possibly imagine.

Well, was going to wish to be able to talk to animals (though I expect I’d find out they haven’t much interesting to say) or be a dragon at will with… um… a special dragon flying license and dragon-transponder so I can actually fly without having to find incredibly remote places, but both of those are ruled out by #6.

Screw this. I’m wishing for a genie who doesn’t isn’t limited to such suck-ass wishes.

I’ve played too much 2nd edition D&D to trust wishes. I won’t make one.

So, use 3E rules and just use the wish to mimic the effects of a lower-level spell.

I’m a simple guy. I would wish for unlimited tartar sauce to go with my fish and chips. They never give you enough at the shop and I hate keeping a jar in the fridge because I use it once and then the next time I want some the jar is expired.

Wow. I didn’t realize this was going to be so hard. But with

The first reply breaking rule 10 and the second answer

Asking how wanting to be spaghettified theough a boack hole could be against the rules (it’s not. It’s a strange wish, but i fits the criteria).

I think that Czarcasm


Can I wish for the illusion of having sex with my dream girl? Maybe the magic ring or genie or whatever could summon a succubus who would look and behave just like my dream girl? Or he could program a holodeck to simulate my dream girl? Or he could build a robot (“life model decoy”) that is convincingly lifelike?

As Bugs Bunny said, “So, she’s mechanical!”

Otherwise, I’d like a “book of answers.” A big volume of lore, giving the ultimate truth to all sorts of deep philosophical questions. Is this a multiverse? Is matter infinitely divisible or is there an ultimate non-splittable quantum?

Do we have souls? (“Yes…and you’ve just forfeited yours! HAHAHA!”)

Well, what i was hoping for was a focus on wishes that are within the realm of possibility

Not stuff like this, where dragons and fantasy characters like hobbits and gnomes will dance for you, or you have special “I can talk to animals” powers.

Not that there is anything wrong with the wish, per se. It’s just that I was hoping to focus on wishes within the realm of possibility.

Well, this breaks the rule of not being for yourself. However, it’s the most sincere answer, so I think it’s ok.

Man, i thought it would be easy to say “I always wanted to own this car.” Or “run the length if the great wall of china.” Or something similar.

:eek: GRANTED! :eek:

Wow, you are powerful! :smiley:

I wish my pancreas would work again.

I wish I could.


That WAS funny.

My wish is for NO holidays of any sort.

No Christmas, no Easter, no Labor Day, no Valentine’s Day, no Ramadan, no nothing. The unnecessary expenses and time spent would greatly benefit all society. And Tuesdays after Monday holidays would be a breeze. Would benefit pharmacies too. They could stock the Advil closer to the door in the 3 aisles used for candy all the damn time.