You Kill Me

Sir Ben Kingsley, Tea Leoni, Luke Wilson … what’s not to like, eh?

Even so, I was a little disappointed. This film moved entirely too slowly for me. We saw it in the theater on a whim last night and I really wanted to like it. There were some great and funny lines but overall, it just didn’t “do” it for me. It had the feel of an indie art film…not that there’s anything wrong with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I missing something? What did you think?

hmpf. 45 views and not a single response. That explains why the theater was empty.

I never even heard of this before. Which is a shame 'cuz I really do like Tea Leoni.

My husband and I saw a sneak preview of it a few weeks ago. We liked it quite a bit, but then, we like bent, black humor. Even though the plot lines aren’t similar, when it comes out on video it’ll make a great double-feature with Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (the better of the two movies).