You know what's rather nasty?

A bowl of raisin bran that you’ve set aside for about 20 minutes while you take a phone call. It’s beyond soggy. Way beyond.

Make bran muffins! You can, you know.

Nah, I just drank it. Almost choked on a raisin.

i actually like it that way! i’ve always had an aversion to crunchy foods.

Heat it for a few minutes and call it “hot bran cereal with raisins.”

*ick *for mooshy raisin bran! I’ve got a yummerrific recipe for raisin bran muffins - takes a whole quart of buttermilk - definitely not a low-fat/low-cal treat, but still mega-yum!

I once opened a bad can of pumpkin filling. Talk about nasty! I’m off the pumpkin for life.

Just the thought of eating Raisin Bran is nasty to me.

Hockey Monkey, hater of raisins