you know who you are. please read.

I’m so sorry I hurt you. I guess my honesty stings and I love you and care so much about you. It breaks my heart right now to think that you might not be able to forgive me for what I had to say, I just wish you’d listen to what I have to add to it. Come around so I can tell you. I don’t need another person being angry because I thought I was doing what was noble to do, and I just want to be forgiven. I don’t need to cry over this too. I love you.

Sure. Why not?

I guess it says a lot about my mental state that I always open threads called “YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!” or “I KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU”, “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER”, etc.

One of these days the thread is actually going to be a blackmailer´s personal message to me, I´m sure of it…

barricades self in doghouse with ample supply of tin foil hats and accessories

— G. Raven

And just to think I was under the impression it was all a ploy for attention…

ssskuggiii honey-

Sometimes, in order to really LOVE someone, you have to tell them things that hurt them.

I am so sorry that you are hurting because you did what you felt was right. I pray that your friend will understand…if not now, then soon.

I myself tend to be a coward, and to love someone so much that I can’t bring myself to be honest. I recently lost a friend because of this, and I have to say…you did the right thing.



  1. ssskuggiii, I don’t really know you well, though I’m familiar with your posts. For what it’s worth, I think you’re a wonderful poster and I have great respect for what you’re doing now. It takes courage and class to apologize to someone in such a public manner. I sincerely hope that this individual responds in a similarly classy fashion.

  2. Assuming that this person is a poster on the boards (in other words, this isn’t a kind of catharsis for a real life situation), I thought I would bump this thread for you.

Good luck. I do hope everything works out. Whether it does or not, you’ve acquitted yourself very nicely, in my humble opinion.

Hey sss. Sorry about my seemingly cavalier response to your OP yesterday. Just read the other, related, post. Sincerely hope things turn out alright for you and your friends.