Apology to Acsenray

I’m in a very bad place right now and I have to do something about it. So the following is a sincere apology to @Acsenray for my hateful bullshit in the Great Debates thread on IP rights.

I have been angry for quite a while and it completely unnecessarily spilled over into that thread. Anger and resentment are truly the most destructive emotions. But I don’t know how to make it better, other than saying I am truly sorry and will not engage it behavior like that in the future.

Certain previous posts of mine show that I’m not exactly of sound mind anyway, in fact I’m quite disgusting, evil and stupid. But I will reflect on what I have done and become better, even if that seems like a fools errand considering my low intelligence. I don’t provide much value to this board (or in general lol) so I will try to limit my posting. Hopefully this doesn’t come off as too ‘woe is me’ and pathetic. Thank you for reading.

I’m worried about your statements of self-loathing. I have found counseling to be very helpful with certain things in my life. I encourage you to talk to someone who can help.

Other than that, there was no need to engage in a public act of self-rendering here.

Remember, we are all just people.

Except for @discobot.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

For what its worth many people are thrashing out now due to the Covid situation. Its not making anything better for people with mental health issues. You are not alone if that is any condolence. Just don’t hit the reply back button too soon.

You are right. I now realize it would have been better to apologize in the actual thread or maybe vis PM. I’m not very smart.

I didn’t read the exchange in question (I tend to avoid GD), and frankly, I’m not sure who you are… but I’m sorry you’re hurting. I have a short temper and these lockdown conditions have stressed me out to the max. I guess it’s a good thing I live alone…

Maybe there was no need for you to issue a public apology, but it took some guts and self-awareness, so bravo you. :clap:t4: Doing it here was perfectly okay. Smarts has nuttin’ to do with it.

I have also been afflicted with waves of self-loathing. I suspect it’s more common than people will admit, 'cause we’re all supposed to be cool and into self-care and stuff like that. All this time and isolation have created fertile conditions for endless rumination and self-judgment. If possible, cut yourself some slack. Everybody here has pissed someone off at one time or another. Some people do it deliberately. Just reading your post I can tell that you’re not nearly as bad as the 20 or so people I had on my ignore list on the old board. Now those were some people who were not self-aware enough to feel any self-loathing. :grin:

Take it easy, my friend. This too shall pass… eventually.

But please do try to talk to someone. It can be very helpful. As ThelmaLou says, we’re all under a lot of stress. Everyone can use some help.

Thank you. It did take bit.

I have an appointment with someone in January so don’t worry. Thank you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please don’t direct that anger and resentment toward yourself, either.

That’s great news. We’re all suffering in a general sense. And I can tell you I’m suffering from a lot of things in a specific sense. So, hang in there.

Look, there have been a lot of people over the years who have posted hostile and hateful things for which they have not apologized. So it’s refreshing when someone does. It’s reaching out with the intent to undo the damage done. Give yourself credit for that inclination.

Hi there!

If you’re not used to introspection, or if it tends to lead you to down yourself, speak with your counselor about that right off the bat.

I did counseling earlier this year for the first time, and it has been HUGELY helpful. Good luck!

Definitely not modding.
Insulting posters is not allowed here. I guess that includes self-insults. Try to be kinder to yourself.