"You learn something new every day" ...

Technically, possibly, arguably, true. But, That phrase tends to be only used when something interesting or surprising has been learned… which isn’t every day.

Just an obvious observation. Carry on.

It’s certainly a strange phrase. It seems to have the opposite meaning of what’s intended. The person is trying to say “Wow, that’s interesting. I’m thankful to have learned that just now,” but they end up saying “Pfsh. Happens all the time.”

A person can be on the job 20 years and have “one year’s experience twenty times” as opposed to a building experience. Often we make the same mistakes time after time and don’t learn from it. But looking forward to learning something new every day is the best attitude. It can be something as simple as the best way to hold a can while using a manual opener or a more positive way to react to criticism. All you can do is move forward so it’s best to keep learning.

Sometimes (particularly with regard to learning web programming/design) I genuinely think Homer Simpson’s statement is true:

“Every time I learn something new, it pushes something old out of my brain”

You may learn something new every day . . . but then you forget two old things.